OK – you can tell I am excited because I am posting this before I even go to bed :p   but this is an event for our guild for sure.

The mighty guild of Pax Fatalis headed once more to the bowels of Veeshans peak earlier tonight.  Last night was our first night here as a guild, and we did ourselves proud.  We worked our way to Nexona and we got her to 40% before the drake adds hit us.   Of course the strats told us to expect this, but reading a strat is no substitute for experience.   So tonight we were armed with some experience and first hand understanding of the encounter, and we backed up for some more work on the mighty foe that is Nexona.

We pulled til we were broken, popped the bot and pulled some more.

We tried hammer pulling her to try and soak that first harm touch….. seemed to do the trick.   We had some struggles with our dps and got hit with the power drain a few times.   After some frustrating pulls, we slightly tweaked our system with who was harvesting and then came an entirely satisfying pull indeed.

We got the four or five soul critters destroyed (I told you I was concentrating on Arishas health bar lol) and this left the entire raid to concentrate on those wicked balls of nastyness that popped from the harvested shinys.   Slowly then Nexonas health crept down  80 …70…60….50…  Then came that all important point when the drakes popped.   We got the Drakes mezzed, the raid continued to kill the glimmer balls, between the glimmer balls the raid were taking down the drakes. 

While the raid alternated between the drakes and glimmers, Nexonas health hovered right around the 40% mark.    Then with all the drakes dead, Nexonas health once again started to creep down …. 30 … 20…10.  Danonia and Arisha did a great job keeping the raid focussed on just keeping on doing what we had been doing, and some 32 minutes later we danced apon the very smooshed dragons body.   RIP Nexona you mean nasty PITA dragon :p

What a moment for our guild – our first week here, maybe a little over a dozen pulls, and the mighty dragon falls *cheers for Pax*   And the most satisfying thing about this – is that two of our members are now proudly mythicaled up.   After many hours of patience and teamwork, we reap the rewards.  

It is our intention that we will form up raid and head on to face Druushk, Hoshkar, Silverwing and their remaining dragon breatheren next Monday and Tuesday night.   I have high hopes that we shall see many of these named fall, and that Killy and many of her guildmates will soon be sporting their mythicals too.    That might be too much to hope for, that on our first trip here (Albeit over a number of raid nights) that we clear the zone, but stranger things have happened.

Watch this space for further updates next week!!!  Happy hunting and crafting everyone.