Nothing much of excitement to tell today.

I logged in last night and Killy very happily hooked up with the boys for a nice evening of instancey goodness.

We pottered around in Crucible, Najenas Hollow and Deep forge for a nice little collection of 8 shards for the evening.  Nothing much of excitement dropped, but it was quite a fun evening all round.

I must admit, it is wierd getting used to having a Necro in the group to heal through lifeburn … but I panicked a little when he was going to lifeburn during the last named in Deep Forge.   Everyone seems to think that zone is so very easy – and maybe it is since there are not a lot of strategies needed for the mobs ….. but the mobs hit hard and from a healing point of view that zone deserves respect IMHO.

After the boys all logged out, I swapped to the little bard and pottered around a little more for some quest updates – I have finished the quests in SS (except the beetle herding quest *yawn* ) and have now headed into PoF.

A few of the guild decided that they would run SoF for a chance to get that ellusive Bloodthirsty Choker to drop.   Much excitement ensued at the end of the zone when Terrors chest held not only the Bloodthirsty Choker, but also a level 70 Guardian Master and some legendary chain shoulders.   That is now one HAPPY little camper of a Swashy who now has the choker – Gratsies Skism!!!

Last night saw both Killy and the bardling ding an aa point – Killy now on 175, and Katyya 71aa.  Katyya is just about ready to ding 57 dirge too.    I did mention to the boys that I would love a run through some T6 instances with her, and so it would seem we have that penciled in to the schedule this weekend between important social engagements and of course Mothers Day.

Not sure what else we have planned for the weekend, but I am sure it will be lots of fun.  Have a great weekend everyone!!   Happy hunting and crafting.