Last night in game was a lovely fun relaxed affair.

After killing Nexona on Tuesday night, we were all on a high.   However, I really felt for one of our Necromancer friends in guild.  He has only been playing a short while, and only just reached 80 maybe a week or two ago.  After killing Nexona, he was just one kill short of his Mythical – he was not with us last time we killed Imzok in PR.

We have all been so excited about our Mythicals, and it was decided we would do an extraordinary trip to PR to get him his update and his Myth.   Well all I can say is meh to the mobs which we slaughtered as a minor irritation *giggles*.  

I was tossing up whether or not to bring my Pally girl……  But decided to stick to Killy.  Quite a few folks braught Alts, which was great fun for them.   Basically in just a little over half an hour Doomcoil, The raid force and Imzok were dust.   And congrats to Necronis who now has his very pretty mythical too..

By that stage it really was still early, so we decided on a shard run through Crucible.  Necronis got to give his Myth a whirl as did our Inquisitor who got his the night before.   What more can I say than we were on fire :p

After so much excitement the last few days – Killy = Sleepy dorf – so I bid goodevening to Norrath at that point along with the boys.

I believe that Anathema will be DD when I get home tonight, so I have already mentioned to the boys that there might be some shard runs in the next few days 😀   I might see if the boys also feel like decimating Mines of Meldrath and the named in Klak’Anon with the bardling Maybe Hidden Cache and Roost too.   Very much looking forward to a nice evening of fun with the boys tonight.

I was excited to think that I had some 180 shards on Killy – so I was thinking that even though Katyya is on a seperate account to Killy I could make all her shard armour by commission.  However, someone mentioned to me that the commission system has been changed now so that the crafters shards are no longer able to be used in commission.   “le sigh”  So  I guess no shard armour for the baby bard for a wee while until she can earn her own shards.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone.