Recent events certainly have been keeping me very busy, and so it has been a wee bit difficult to get time to post.  However, that has not meant that there has been a shortage of fun and games.

The time I had in game over the weekend was all about the dirgeling.   I was tickled pink when the boys took my little girl for a run through some Tier 6 instances.   I was thrilled that they also earned themselves some precious aa.  It was nice to have a change in roles and have one of the boys healing while I contributed to the smacky goodness.

Katyya had finished the solo quests in Everfrost, so she headed up to Tenebrous Tangle and over the weekend completed the basket quests and the quests from the mender at the bottom of the waterfall.   She then headed over to Lesser Faydark and is doing those quests while they are still green to her.

At the end of the weekend, you could have coloured me happy, because my little baby dirge is no baby any more :p  She dinged 62 dirge and 78aa *cheers*   She finished a third end line aa ability and now has Luck of the Dirge which gives increased trigger chance of spells and combat arts.

The start of the week then saw us head back to VP after conquering Nexona last week.   We cleared our way on to Druushk and stood facing the mighty dragon.  We of course had read up on the strats, but one thing is for sure – nothing beats actually taking the encounter on yourself

The first pull and it was mightily obvious that this dragon hits like a freight train on steroids.   We only had a Shaman and my Killy girl in MT group … but OUCHIES.   Monday night saw us put in some good work, try a few different things, but in the end it was the adds spawning from the statues in the corners of the rooms that killed us.

Back to face the music Tuesday night .. we put in some more good work and died a few times, but we refined the strategy and I was absolutely thrilled when Druushk went smoosh.

Congrats to Pax and to the sassy who now has his Mythical!!!  Not only that …. but Druushks chest contained (among other things) the pattern which included Templar boots … and my Killy girl won the roll and now proudly wears her first piece of VP lewtz!!!  Arisha is quite excited about the two piece bonus on that set which will give extra trigger chance on “his” templar stoneskin as he likes to call it :p

After the high of taking out Druushk,  we moved on, killed the wyrm and had a few pulls at the Taskmaster.  Sadly, it was getting late, and we had to call it a night.  So close to my favourite coercer getting his myth …

I really am so excited about what we have achieved the last two weeks.  It is just incredible to think that we killed both Nexona and Druushk our first visit to VP.  It was totally within us to clear the zone completely IMHO, the only thing that prevented us was time.

Next week we start in a new instance obviously, and I am really looking forward to it.   Now that we have experienced the Nexona and Druushk fights and seen how they are beaten, I think it will take us fewer attempts to kill them next week.  This will leave us with more time to clear the rest of the zone and see the rest of the guild with our Myths.

I know I am chattering on like an excited teenager, but you really could colour me a happy little dorf after the last few days of fun I have had in game.

Hope everyone else is having as much fun in Norrath 🙂   Happy hunting and crafting!!