… I didnt even feel like doing anything with the boys last night.

And yes you heard me right!!  

I was pretty tired after a hectic few days at work and in game,  but I logged in and said hiya.  The boys seemed pretty tired too and Arisha didnt seem too fussed about getting up to anything much.

I did say hey to folks and catch up a little, but didnt even really feel like doing anything on the dirgeling either.

I ended up chatting for a short while with one of my guildmates.  I was talking to them about the value of our game friendships, and the valuable place that the game has as a vehicle for relaxation and fun.   It was nice to be reminded once again that behind every pixelated character is a real person, each with their own struggles and dreams in life, each with their own story.   It is nice to have your faith in the good in people renewed from time to time. 

After a short while,  I bid goodnight to the boys and girls of Pax and headed off and played around making a new baby girl … why you ask?… because I could 😀   Didnt have to think about anything or concentrate on anything much.  

I wanted to make up a little Ratonga for some weird reason.   And I am completely loving the scouty DPS of the dirge and the “secret” briggand… so I made myself a lil Rat Assassin. 

I played around on her for a wee while … got up to some questy goodness and got her to almost a level 10 assassin in no time before I decided to head out of Norrath for the night.

I wonder if anyone else has had the same issue … but I have been having problems with my EQ2 maps not showing blinking icons for quest givers/hand ins.  I have updated my updater to the new version … but for some reason my little blinking icons are missing and that is no good for a questaholic :p

I checked forums and asked in channel.  some other ppl seemed to be having the same issue but had not been able to work a fix either.  Has anyone else had the same problem and been able to work a fix??