Last night saw a return to the regularly scheduled fun of a running some TSO zones for shards.  Killy has just over 110 shards in her bank so it is hardly as if she needs them, but it is fun to take some guildies for a quick run to supplement their supply.

We ran Deep Forge and Crucible … some of the boys are still  hoping for various fabled drops from both of these zones … no joy last night, but a barrel of laughs none the less.

We spent some time talking about our various aa specs … and it was realised that my Killy girl could respec, and take some aa from both her Cleric and Templar Trees now to spec her end line Shadows .  WEEEEEEEE   After playing around a wee bitty, my girl still has all her end line abilities from the Cleric and Templar trees, but now also has her Shadows line healer stance  *cheers*

Arisha and I were just hanging about chatting a wee bit too after all the other boys had logged for the evening.   I have said it before, but I am in awe at his mind for detail, and his ability to get the most out of whatever class it is that he plays.

I was somewhat embarrased when he pointed out to me that none of my gear has adornments …. how completely lazy I have been!!!  At the very least, I should get a legendary adornment for my beautiful gloves of uber healage (Ethereal Mist Gauntlets)

As I was contemplating this, I realised that I could probably see a significant benefit to Killy if I took just a little time and effort.   Truly,  we are now 6 months past expansion, and I have barely touched any of the quests.  I am still short 25aa to cap.  I have really cruised along and not focused at all on what I have been doing to pimp her – I really have been a total slacker.

This weekend though, I have made a pact with myself.  I am going to clear out all of the Tier7 junk still in Killys house vault, make some space in her bank and bags.   I am going to make sure she has a good supply of all the necessary totems, tokens, potions, elixirs and remedies.   I am going to look at what items I should have adorned, and I am going to focus on pimping my girl a little.  I am going to try and get enthusiastic about trying to get her some aa too – but that I can not promise :p

I am sure that there will be some Dirge loving too .. with bonus xp this weekend in Lesser Fay and Loping Plains that she can take advantage of.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend in Norrath too 😀  Happy hunting and crafting!