After reading Castillions post today, it has prompted me to respond in my own post rather than comment on his blog since I releate to it quite well this morning.   Last night I was in game but just found myself feeling very bleh.    There was no good reason at all why I should have been feeling bleh – life is full of good and positive and exciting things for me at the moment.

I have been blessed or spoilt (depending on how you look at it) with a fantastic group of guildmates and lovely gaming friends that I spend a lot of time with.   Lately, it feels like we dont often get our “A-team” together and hit challenging content.   I was reflecting on it as I travelled in on the train this morning.   I think this is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we have been doing a lot of work raiding.  We have achieved wonderful progress over the last few months.   It has been a lot of work especially for Danonia and Arisha as our Raid Leader and Main Tank.   Outside of raids then, I guess we have been looking for time to relax a little and enjoy our selves too lest the game becomes like a second job.

For me personally, it has also been almost 14 months since I had a vacation.  While that is not a long time for some people, I am starting to feel the need for a recharge of the batteries.   It also occurs to me that while I am absolutely loving my game time and would change nothing about it, it wouldn’t hurt me to have a few nights off.

I have been finding it hard this last few weeks to find my usual enthusiasm.  I feel like I have kind of been floating along rather than steadily working towards a goal.   There are many many things that I could be working towards but just cant seem to get into anything in particular.

My solution – I think I need a vacation.  A vacation from work, go away somewhere nice for a few days with no PC – Just good food, good wine, fresh air, blue skies and good company.

Back to things game related :p   Between spending time with the family and new little man, I did enjoy some fun time in EQ this weekend.

Guild leader was starting one of his toons on the Vampire Chronicles questline, and asked me if I would like to bring Killy along for some aa.  I was quite glad to see a whole new part of the game I had not seen yet, so Killy mentored his Brigand.  

The quest line was a lot of fun – to seek out information on the nasty undead, kill them, help the NPC to research them, and eventually have the ability to transform into a vampire.  We took our time, and with some of the quests and many named mobs still green, Killy netted herself amost a full aa point.  I also think she looks pretty cool as a vampire 😀

As well as that, I got up to a little more questing on the Dirgeling in Lesser Faydark to make the most of the bonus xp this weekend.  The end of the weekend saw her ding 63 dirge.   Go my little girl!!

Tonight will see the guild heading to our second instance of VP.   It would be nice to get Nexona and maybe even Druushk down tonight so we have time to work on the remaining named to get the guild their Mythicals over the next couple of weeks.   Fun times!

Happy hunting and crafting all 🙂