As always a fantastically fun evening in game.

We headed to our second instance of VP, and one of our regular raiders showed us a way to sneak past the first trash mobs on our way to the first named.  

The first named dragon did cause us a bunch of trouble between his knockback and crushing damage AoE (wingbeat)   Not so bad if you joust it – but a pain in the ass for healers keeping range.  Arisha died first time cos of the issues with him being knocked back out of our range.    Second pull we got him, even if not in the tidyest fashion.

We then cleared trash and headed on to Druushk.  Once again it took us a couple of pulls but we got him down.   A quick foray down to kill Elder Eckron and his rascally adds – and that was enough for the evening.

Veeshans Peak really is a totally EPIC zone.  Everything is huge.  The distances everywhere are huge – I guess what more can you expect when you enter a lair big enough for Dragons :p

Last week we cleared both Nexona and Druushk on our first instance of VP.   The only thing that prevented us form clearing the zone was time.   In order to give us enough time to work strategies and clear the zone, we have decided to add an extra night to our raids in the short term.   I think this is a great idea to get the guild all mythed up – and then we will be able to clear the zone within our regular raid schedule.

Tonight, hopefully we will clear tsome trash, smoosh Nexona and head over to take out the Switchmaster.  That would see my favourite coercer with his Myth!!!!    Hoshkar is still a ways away for my little girl, but I reckon she will have her new shiny smacky hammer next week.

In other news, the little dirge has still been running around a little in Lesser Faydark doing some of the quest there.  The faydark zones are quite cutesy, I dont mind that, but I find all the mountains and cliffs and ledges somewhat annoying at times for navigating the geography :p

Enough news for now – Happy hunting and crafing everyone!