Well … lots of exciting things going on both in and out of game recently.

Out of game, obviously the new little man is a huge focus in my familys little world and he is just GORGEOUS!!   I have booked myself some vacation starting at the end of next week, so work has been incredibly busy making sure I can get all my month end reporting finished before I head off.

In game, I have also been having a lot of fun even if I have been a little tired :p  

Over the weekend, I took advantage of the bonus xp for little Katyya, and got her some more aa and xp.   I have done as much of the solo questing as I think I can in Lesser Faydark, and grouped up with guild leader to start some of the heroic quests from the Nybright Camp.    I am not sure that there might still be some quests around the Fae Court. 

I then took little Katyya into Loping Plains and found myself reminiscing.    When I joined Pax, one of the first things I did with Killy was to get her Warg mount questline done.   I remember that being a right PITA with Killy, but absolutely no problem at all on the dirgeling.  She does look rather cool on her mount even if her bard run speed means she doesnt need it.     But remember – fashion is everything!

Last night then saw us return to VP.  Last week we were stuck at Nexona, so last night we went in fresh and determined to take her down.   Second pull saw her defeated even if it was a marathon 40 minute and 27 second fight!  

Onward then we moved to the switchmaster.   We had pulled him once two weeks ago, and were flattened by his AoE.   Armed with some knowledge of what to expect, we gathered at a little alcove to the North of his island,  engaged the encounter and we were off.   We patiently burned him down, jousted his AoE, smooshed the little adds and had him down first pull.   I was so excited, since now my favourite Coercer has his shiny new toy to play with.  Congrats on your Mythical Danonia!!!

Tonight we head back with hopes to see more of my guildmates with their Mythicals.  First comes the Brig update (crossing my fingers for Topo) I know that much.  I am not sure of the order but I understand that the Dirge and Swashy updates are not far behind, followed by Wardens. 

I live in hope that we might get to Hoshkar for both Killy and Arisha, but if we dont get that done tonight, it wont be far away.  I have waited this long, another week or two wont hurt.   If we can get to Hoshkar, that will mean that the whole MT group will have Mythicals.  

Maybe I am strange and I know it is a cliche, but I feel it is not about whether you win or loose the fat lewtz (but that is a nice bonus), rather it is about how you play the game.  I will be so proud to wear my Mythical knowing that my companions and I have persevered and earned our shiny pretty things.

Cross your fingers that Norrath may stop for a moment tonight to celebrate for a good number of my companions and maybe even my own little dorf 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting!