Well,  I can hardly believe the day has come!!  My little girl has her very own very shiny, very pretty, very smacky brand new hammer!!

As we formed raid and zoned in last night, we knew the main enemy we were fighting once again was time, since our instance was due to reset in less than 24 hours.   We stood facing the update for our Brigand (Milyex) and knew that the following three named were going to give us possibly 10 Mythicals for the raid force.

I think Arisha was concerned that Milyex was going to take us some time and we would be stuck there.  Topo, our only Brigand,  had very generously expressed that he had no problem skipping him for now for the benefit of the entire raid. 

The decision made, we moved on to Xygoz for our two dirges and swashy.  He looked so cute sleeping peacefully there :p   I loved this encounter … Finding the little dollys of ourselves, and then fighting miniatures of all the dragons.  We had a little trouble first pull with everyone getting their little dolls, but we regrouped and second pull the big boy was put to sleep permanently.

Then on to the encounter to spawn Ashenclaw.   We headed across the bridge and just inside the corridor.   Killed the bees, killed the Cinder Wasp Queen and then POOF comes Ashenclaw!!!   While it certainly was NOT the prettiest of encounters, Ashenclaw was sent to the great dragon lair in the sky quick smart!.

And now was D Day … time to speak to Hoshkar.   On to the little island we all piled, and we prepared for battle.   Arisha engaged Hoshkar, ran around the outside of the island while we all moved to try and keep range to hit Hoshkar and heal the brave dark elf Palladin.    Less than 8 minutes later Arisha Kilanna and another Templar companion had our updates.

The time was still not too late, so we raced back to Milyex with the hopes of getting Topo his update.   Arisha engaged the dragon and the engineer soon lay dead at her feet.  The MT group slowly ate at the Dragons health while the rest of the raid smashed the generators.   We got him to 6% and a fourth generator took us by surprise.  Wingbeat AoE hit and that was all she wrote for that encounter.   We regrouped and with no surprises, Topo soon had his final Mythical update too!!!

At that point, we all went our different directions to speak to our respective NPC’s.   The atmosphere in chat was just amazing as we all celebrated the successes of our guildmates and friends as they were awarded their mythicals.  How sweet the success after the months of work we have put in as a group to get here!

For sure there was other lewtz last night … but what an experience with over half of our raidforce earning Mythicals in the last two nights.   I was thrilled that Topo got himself a pattern for his set piece forearms – I put that down to Karma after his willingness to possibly miss out on his Myth update for the good of the raid.

With the number of mythicals we now have, I trust that the next two weeks will see us completely clear the zone.  The Druushk and Nexona encounters will likely go that much more smoothly and give us time to play with Silverwing and Phara Dar for our Guardian and Rangers.

With all that … I shall away to quitely celebrate with a nice cup of Coffee 😀

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!