With all the excitement of our new toys, we were all eager last night to take them out for a spin and see what difference they made and what they could do.  Only natural!!

I was hooked up with the boys very soon after logging in, and we discussed what we wanted to do.  There are some pretties still from Codexicon and the final golem in Najenas Tower that are appealing.  It just so happened that Crucible was also the daily double so we grabbed a few more guildmates and headed off.

We giggled to ourself as we started to clear the first trash.  There was indeed a huge difference to the dps of the group.   I paid attention to my heal casting and tried to do a little more damage on the trash.    On trash I dont think my power dropped much below like 98% 😀

We cleared the zone comfortably got our four shards, but sadly no pretty fabled drop from Codexicon.

Once we had finished the zone I had a quick look what ACT said – and just about fell of my chair.   The codexicon fight saw Killy healing at 2500 heals per second and some change …. that is almost 25% higher than I had ever healed before.   I guess that is totally in line with the expected boost (20% to reactive heals).   It felt like a pretty tough fight to heal ….  but not panicked.   See what happens when you let your tanks and DPS wear items like the Jewel of Animosity and Bloodthirsty Choker :p

Najenas Tower was another pretty strait up and down zone … nothing much to mention, no pretty lewtz … but another two shards for our collections.  

Now one thing I will need to consider is incorporating the clicky from my myth into my repertoire.  My thaughts are pretty much to use it for when the tank is pulling named in instances, or as often as it is up in raids.

All in all we had a lovely relaxed night with plenty of fun and giggles all round.  We all decided to bid goodnight to Norrath nice and early after the exitement of the last few nights.  

Happy hunting and crafting!!!