Last night was a lovely slow and quiet time in game with the boys.

We decided to head to the middle of the three Commonlands shard zones for something a little different.   Some of the guild had already headed off to Scion for the Daily Double, and there were not enough folk from guild to fill up the group …. so we decided that we would just 5 man the zone

The zone went at a good pace and uneventfully and I am pretty sure that no one died at all.   We were even lucky enough to have a couple of exquisite chests drop too.   Nothing that anyone in the group could use …. but some nice lewtz to sell on for the winners.

Really enjoy this zone … jousting in and out to the ghosts to be cured of the detrimental effects.    I must say I really dont like the fight with Gromkey much … the one who spawns adds you need to have dispelled.   But the second last named, the guy on horseback, that is cool 😀

Finishing this run and handing in the shard quest was enough to have Killy ding 178aa.    I know I know … I am a slow coach :p   In truth I am not in any huge rush for aa especially now I have my healer stance in the Shadows aa line.  However, I do want to make sure I hit 200aa some time before the next expansion

After the zone, we all milled about, my crafter girls helped make a few adornments for various people, and my tailor girl got herself a little xp edging closer to 80.   At which time I decided to bid good evening to Norrath nice and early.

It is now just over a week until the very exciting time when I  am able to get together for dinner and drinks with a bunch of my guildmates … in fact I must pop up the road and see if I can book our table today.   That will signal the start of 2 blissful weeks of vacation for this little dorf and I am counting down the days *giggles*   I dont think I will get a whole lot of game time in my vacation, and I am sure that when I return I shall well and truly be over my current lack lustre levels of enthusiasm lol

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend both in and out of Norrath!