Wow … where have the last few days gone???

The weekend seemed to fly past as I made some final arrangements towards my holidays at the end of this week.   I did however enjoy a little time in game hitting some fun content with the boys.

We have been talking about it for a little while,  and finally Killy started her TSO signature quest line.  It is our intention that we all get to the same point and progress the quest line together … so Killy caught up and we all moved things right along into the start of Chapter 4 iirc.

On top of that, we also headed into one of the Guk zones – I am hopeless since I dont even remember which zone it was *giggles*.    It was nice and a whole lot of fun to hit a new zone … Discovery AA … AA for killing new named … AA for quest completion.  How lovely!

The beginning of a new week saw us hit VP once again, with hopes to clear the zone and earn mythicals for our remaining guildmates.   We knew that things may have been a little easier with quite a proportion of us now wearing Mythicals … but GOSH what a difference a week makes.

I was a little worried that we were light on healers – especially for Druushk (if we got that far).   My fears were shown to be unfounded.

While some encounters were still untidy (especially Nexona), the change from last week was astounding.   We killed every mob on the first pull, and it only took us one night to progress as far as we did in three nights last instance.  Nexona took us around 15 mins to kill instead of the marathon 40 mins from last week.

I was particularly struck with the changes in the Druushk fight too.  We were so short of healers we only had Killy and Lukwut (Defiler) in MT group.   I was worried that Arishas health would be spiking dangerously without a third healer, but we had no such problem.   Arisha even asked how the healing was feeling in voice chat and I commented that it felt nice and stable and controlled.  Killy and Luk made an excellent healing team 🙂

Last night we killed up to and including the Taskmaster.  So tonight I hope that we shall kill Milyex, Xygoz, Ashenclaw and Hoshkar … and perhaps even have time to start into the next wing.   Even if that is all we manage tonight, that will give us both nights next week to play in the final wing, to get both Silverwing and Phara Dar for our Monk, Guardian and Rangers (hope I have not forgotten anyone!)   Cross fingers for us and wish Pax good luck!!

Happy hunting and crafting everyone.