Yes … I am back.

After 2 wonderful weeks of vacation, and much of last week travelling for work, I am back home and trying to settle back into a regular routine.

While I did get a little game time in towards the start of my vacation, really it was not an awful lot to speak of, and I did miss the boys.  However, over the last weekend I did manage to catch up with the boys and girls of Pax and get a little game time in … but with one MAJOR frustration.

I didnt have any in game voice 😦

Apparently the last GU has been causing some problems with in game voice for a few folks.   Looks like I am one of them.   I know I do some blonde things sometimes, but I am not completely stupid with Technology.   I checked all my voice chat settings and tick boxes, checked my firewall settings, checked my windows sound settings, and everything looks OK.   I guess that all I can do now is wait for the hotfix to come after fan faire.   I dont want to fiddle too much or I know I am just going to end up messing it up completely lol.

While I did miss hearing and talking with the boys,  we still managed to hit an instance or two.   Most notable of them was Ravenscale Repository last night.    While this is only my second trip into the zone, we certainly showed those mobs who was boss :p.  

One thing that I really noticed was the totally supreme change in aa that running a shard instance now gives.    Prior to the GU, Killy could earn herself somewhere around 4 or 5% aa for completing a shard run.    The last few days she has been earning around 15% which is just awesome.

I have also taken little Killy to talk to the research assistant to choose her first master.   I have chosen my single target reactive heal, as I have never seen it for sale for anything less than 300 PP.   While it is a long wait …. I dont mind that at all.   Some people may not like the idea of research assistants, however I dont see it as a bad thing really. 

Given that people can only use this assistant for one character per accout at any one time, I dont see that the market will completely dry up as some might claim.  I believe that there will still be an active market as people continue to seek masters for multiple characters, but I do think it will mean that we may see much less of those outragous prices for the highly desirable masters – and I dont see that as a bad thing.  

Tonight then will see me returning to the fray and raiding with my guildmates.    At this point we have still only cleared VP once, and I think that there is still a lot of phat lewtz that could boost our raid force.   I also think there is still some things we need to learn about some of the named in there, so I am glad we are continuing to hit VP.   We have also planned that if we finish VP in good time we can poke our noses in to have a look at Tomb of the Mad Crusader.   I really think that is a good plan, and it will give us a much greater chance at success in TotMC once we have a little more gear.

So enough of an update from me … Still trying to catch up with what has happening with other folk in the blogosphere too.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!