Comfortable company Thursday, Jul 30 2009 

With the excitement of the last couple of nights raids behind us, it is always nice to have a quiet night.

I was pottering about on my little dirge just meandering through the quests in Kylong plains … It is amazing how just doing that will steadily earn you nice xp and aa.  In no time at all the dirge had dinged 71 Dirge and 93aa *cheeers*

Right around that time a few of the boys logged in, and someone suggested a run to Emperors Antheum (?sp) in JW.   In short order a group was together, and it was sooooo nice to have the comfortable company of the boys.  

It was only the second time that I have done the zone, and it was fun to do something different.   The mob that will FD you and run to the crowd for buffs was a weee bit annoying … we wiped to him once and he kept FD us every 20 seconds so it felt .    We also wiped once to the last encounter, but in the end they were defeated by the mighty friends from pax :p

The only thing that would have made last night any better, would have been if our voice chat was working properly.   I note that the hotfix which went through last night my time is supposed to be correcting the connectivity problems we have been having.  

When I logged in over breakfast this morning I noted that I connected to voice immediately.   I hope this was not just a co-incidence and that our issues for the last two months have now been fixed.   We have intermittently been using teamspeak, but I guess I have been spoiled by the clarity and quality of sound from in game chat compared to teamspeak.     Hopefully if we have our voice chat fully operational again, it will be easier to get the boys together again for our regular fun in Norrath.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!


Variety is the spice of life Wednesday, Jul 29 2009 

A lot of fun was had the last few days for me in game – and exactly as you might guess, there was a lot of variety.

Firstly, Killy and Hulk ran around Fens and continued to Kunzar Jungle for some RIME faction.   I guess this quest line is neither boring nor exciting … it was just fun hanging out and getting Killy some more aa.

In between, hooked up with the boys for some fun hitting a shard zone or two.   Part of me is a growing weary of the same old shard zones … but I guess we do indeed have new content in the GU’s that I am yet to explore.   I am unsure whether it is a good or bad thing that we have longer between expansions and game updates going forward.

I also had a bunch of fun finishing off some quests in Barren Sky and taking my dirgeling to Kylong Plains.    Look at her … she is almost all grown up!!

I started working Blood of the Brood for her Hoo’loh hat.  Together with guild leaders Necro, we managed to duo the scroll bearer.  I had forgotten just how many hit points he had!!   I am now up to the point of needing a quick nest run to continue that quest.

So with the little dirge now dinged level 70 and 91aa, I have started the quest grind that is the RoK expansion.   This will be the third time now I have done these quests, but I think that compared to the Templar and the Pally, it will be much faster on this little girl.

One thing that I remember and was ready for was how much harder the mobs hit in RoK.   In Barren Sky, con white mobs were barely scratching my little girls armour, and yet the con white and blue mobs in Kylong were really smacking her about sometimes.   One great thing though, I dont imagine it will take her very long at all to get to 72, and some new Mastercrafted gear will make all the difference to her.

I absolutely adore the dirge class.  So many handy abilities, nice dps output.   The way I look at it, different classes give you a different perspective on the game.  Killy will always be my main girl for groups and raids … but Katyya is a heck of a lot of fun for running around and exploring on my own. 

Speaking of raiding …. for some reason this week the servers have been incredibly quiet.    We only managed half a raid on Monday night .. so instead of VP as scheduled, we headed into WoE.

It was fantastic fun actually.  Usually, WoE is an optional raid and Arisha comes on one of his alts to get a break from tanking.  This week though, with Arisha tanking we got further than we ever have and actually finished the evening looking at Aiden.   He stared us down, we started him down, and he splatted my poor little dwarven body all over his cave when I got too close :p  but it was good to see him at last.

Exciting of exciting, Killy even got the pattern for her first fabled shard piece too 🙂

After the fun of Monday night, we gathered last night to find that we had a little over 3 groups … so we decided to head into VP and try to get one of our guildmates his final Mythical update.  As a fury, his update was Druushk.   We had 21 people quite a few of whom had not been into the first wing of VP yet.  In addition, we were missing a few key people such as our regular MT Shaman and my favourite coercer.

That being said, I was absolutely thrilled when after 3 or 4 attempts only, Druushk went down, and shortly afterwards Norrath was still for a moment for our Fury.

We were actually short of healers for Druushk IMHO … we only had four healers in the whole raid … but we pulled out all stops and everyone did themselves proud.  Even Arisha was healing almost 500 heals/sec on the fight, with Killy pushing out almost 3000 heals/sec *flex* Proud of my girl :p

Just to jump to something totally unrelated, I was reading one of the EQ2 flames threads on the weekend since I have STILL been having trouble with my voice chat.  It appears that there seems to be a very high incidence of trouble specifically for Australian players.   The good news is that one of the developers has posted an update for us, and it appears VIVOX have written an update which should be getting sent out in a hotfix this week.  Hopefully we should all have voice working properly for raids next week!!!

I imagine that the next few days shall be quite quiet in game, and I think I would like to keep going with the dirgeling.  Maybe hook up with the boys and progress her Blood of the Brood quest and continue on with Kylong plains.  *giggles* or I could cheat and box her with my pallytank to smash through the next level or so :p

Whether or not we now have too long between updates and expansions, there is ALWAYS plenty to get up to in Norrath.

Happy hunting and crafting!

RIME faction Friday, Jul 24 2009 

I must admit that I have been SOOOOO remiss with poor Killy in recent times.    She has not done any questing in the revamped Lavastorm and *shock* still has barely done like 20 or 30 quests in Moors of Ykesha!!

When I logged in last night, it was very quiet in guild ….  so guild leader brought his tank Hulkan, and together he and Killy actually started working on RIME faction.

I have honestly been so remiss that I dont even know what this is all about (I am presuming it is starting to set up for the next expansion) or why I am doing it other than for the groovy mount :p

Together the two of us had absolutely no problem at all with doing the quests in Kylong.  An hour or so and Killy had earned over half an aa point, a couple of platinum and a few quest rewards.

Nothing really sticks out for me …. it was just more of the regular sorts of quests, with some housing rewards.   Maybe it was just the fact that I have a cold and dont feel the best – but I didnt think it was anything that inspired.  Other than for the aa …  I dont think I would have missed out on much if I had not done them.

There was no need for me to do the repeatables in Kylong so we moved strait on over to Fens after doing them once.   By this time, my cold and the medication I am taking for it conspired against me lol … and it was time to head to sleep.

I guess at some point over the weekend Killy will continue on with this quest line and get her shiny new mount ….  Maybe even head back up to Moors with Hulkan to commit more slayage, and start getting towards that aa level cap before the next expansion comes out :p  I am not doing too badly really … almost 186 aa … even just with regular shard runs and what not I am sure that aa would continue to tick over!!

Guess that is enough prattle from me for today ….. Happy hunting and crafting all, and hope everyone has a great weekend both in and out of Norrath!!

The new VS goes down!! Wednesday, Jul 22 2009 

I mentioned on my yesterdays post that we were headed to VS last night to get myth updates for a couple of our Guildies.   

We came … we saw … and we righteously kicked his lizard ass back to where it belongs booooya!!!   (Hrms, perhaps gloating so much is not very attractive :p)

This was the first time that we have tackled the event since the recent changes to the encounter and it has made a tremendous difference.   While we do have to watch power going too low, we didnt have to worry about high power this time.  Obviously still needed to watch the fear, the cures and detrimentals.

On the first pull, our new guildmate showed us how the failure mechanism still works :p    He had not done the fight before and missed the cure nox.   He ended up with no power .. and hey presto adds, a squashed MT templar, quickly followed by a squashed MT.

We picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off.  Second pull and in just a couple of minutes VS was deader than dead and 3 of our raid members had mythical updates  *cheers*

I imagine that there are some folk who would complain that perhaps the fight has been dumbed down TOO much, but I beg to differ.  

Pax killed him when this was a really suckfull encounter.  I am glad we did, it is like a rite of passage.   But SERIOUSLY, before the changes the failure mechanism was just so harsh.  One slip in concentration from one raid member and the whole raid wiped .. no chances for recovery.

Post the recent changes, there is still the trauma DoT (stun), fear, and the noxious DoT put on by VS.  You still require your healers to avoid the fear, you still require everyone to make sure they keep their power up … you just have a wider margine of error to play with.

In practical terms, yes the fight is definitely easier than it was prior to the changes, but it still deserves respect.   If the fear or stun prevents someone from curing themselves or getting cured by a healer, the raid could still wipe. 

Since that whole effort took us roughly 15 minutes after dealing out whatever lewtz dropped, we then headed to SoH for old times sake … and quickly hit up the first four named.   I had two hopes .. one was that my Brace of Corporeal Darklight would drop  (Sadly no luck there:( )  and the second that we could perhaps start working on Maestro.

By the time we got to him a bunch of folks were headed to bed, so we will leave  him for next time too.

I have been soooo bad lately… missing live events and new content … might have to buckle down and take a look at some soon, and get Killy some of that final precious aa towards her 200aa.

Until next time .. happy hunting and crafting all.

Do you want to know a secret? Tuesday, Jul 21 2009 

Well – you will never guess … but shhhhh I have a secret to share ….  Dont tell anyone!!  :p

A friend of mine has on a couple of occasions mentioned to me that I might like Lord of the Rings Online.    So this past weekend I installed and updated the client.    All I can say is that my friend was correct … I do like it indeed 🙂

As part of purchasing the discs, I have gotten a month of free play time to run around and try the game to see if I really like it.  This is a great thing indeed!   Time to run around and get used to a new UI, time to try a few different types of character class and race combinations.  

So far … my impressions are overwhelmingly positive.    I find that the game looks stunning.  While I am not a hard core fan, I would definitely say that I do enjoy the lore of Middle earth and feel the game has captured the atmosphere admirably.   I love Tolkiens books, and loved the movies.    I find that the UI is surprisingly intuitive, and functional.    So far I have made a healer called Kilanna (no surprises there :p)  and a couple of dps (Katyya and Nanytya).

As I have only spent a matter of a few hours in game so far, I dont think I have really formed any firm opinions or strong judgements yet.   While LOTR will NEVER EVER EVER replace my EQ, I find it refreshingly different and very enjoyable.

Now … speaking of EQ … Last night we returned to complete our current instance of VP.   We only had Skygazer, Silverwing and PharaDar left to complete.

We had some absolutely rotten luck during the Silverwing encounter … with Arisha (MT) our MA (Britty) our MT Dirge (Sydvicious) and Killy all finding themselves charmed at points through the encounter.   We also had MT healers called to clicky the little statues, so it took us a few frustrating pulls to get him done.

Skygazer and Phara Dar were much more straitforward, both going down on the first pull.   So … another instance of VP cleared, and a few more folks joining our raids claiming Mythical updates which was superb!!  

Our raids are open to the server, and we usually have a couple of spaces free once we invite our guildmates and allies.   We dont charge for people to join us for their updates but people who join us are not free to roll on any loot that drops.  It is felt that a free mythical update is a sufficient reward for a non regular who tags along. 

Now tonight, we are actually planning to head back to hit VS.   We have a new guildmate and a key alt who both need VS for Mythical updates.  Since this encounter has been changed recently, I dont expect it to present us with many problems.   I dont expect it to be the SoB, multi-wipe, PITA encounter that it used to be.    I guess I will be able to report one way or the other tomorrow 🙂

Until then!  Happy hunting and crafting all.

A lizard and a wizard. Thursday, Jul 16 2009 

Well … cant believe it is thursday morning already 🙂

I guess not much to report from this week so far.    We headed in to VP on Monday and Tuesday nights.   Nice fresh instance, and fun as always.

Killys usual healing partner Lukwut (defiler) is off enjoying his summer with his family (have fun!!), so Killy was joined in MT group by Neridah (Mystic).    Neri has played a Shaman since her EQ1 days and it was kind of her to switch from her regular Monk to bring her Mystic with us.   It “feels” different with a different  healing partner …. Arishas health bar behaving a little differently – but all fun.

Not much detail to tell really …. we kicked the dragons butts.   What was lovely was that we had a lot of folk on Alts, and some new folks with us too.

We had a few untidy pulls but we cleared through to Xygoz, Hoshkar and Ashenclaw.  It was very exciting to see Norrath still for a moment as some of our guild allies were granted their Mythicals.  

After the fun and games of raiding for a few nights, I enjoyed a nice quiet night on alts with the boys.   I took the dirgeling for a little ramble.  Danonia braught his Guardian, Arisha braught his Fury and Topo braught his Templar.   The group was topped of with another couple of guildies on their alts too.

We decided to hit a couple of the instances in Barren Sky.  Nest is always fun and nice and easy, and then we headed to Vaults.   I think I may have been there once before on Killy and once on Nanytank, so it was a lot of fun.

I am not sure I make the best dirge ever, I kept forgetting to disarm the chests :p   We had a little rumble around and killed some stuff, so it was a mighty enjoyable evening.   My little girl got close to 2aa and a little over one xp level too 🙂   At level 69 dirge with 89aa, I think it could be time to finish off the quests in KoS real quick and head to Kylong!!  Soon enough she will even be eligable for TSO Shards *cheers*

Still we are plagued by problems with voice chat ….. it is getting quite frustrating but meh.  

I can also report that I have been VERY happy with my mobile EQ2 habit solution :p  – the laptop is working really well.    Despite the fact that I can be a little blonde at times …. it was not too hard to set up dual boot on the Macbook and get EQ running.  I have used both DELL and IBM laptops in the past for work, and I really rate the Macbook and can recommend it.

On things non game related, I am getting very excited about getting to see the new Harry Potter movie.   I am going to try and go sometime this weekend, and have deliberately stayed away from listening to any reviews favourable or unfavourable.    I am a massive fan of the Harry Potter franchise and intend to just go and appreciate the movie as it stands with no expectations.   *giggles*  I have also told my brother that it is my right as an Aunt to introduce my nephew to Harry Potter when he is old enough.  He is two and a half months old now, so maybe just another couple of weeks to wait eh :p

Hope everyone is having as much fun as always in Norrath.   Happy Hunting and crafting!

Kickin back with the Pax Monday, Jul 13 2009 

Well ….. I really am letting the team down this last few weeks eh :p

I honestly have absolutely NOTHING of significance to report the last few days in game.  It has purely consisted of Kicking back with the Pax.   All in all a very quiet weekend consisting of a couple of instances, including one of the new zones in JW.   It really was nice to check out a new instance, so bravo to the Devs for a new place to run.

There has very much been the feeling of a little bit of burnout between myself and a few of the boys.   I am very much enjoying myself …. and I think they are too – but I guess like everything in life there are little ebbs and flows in enthusiasm. 

Well … speaking of which …. there was much excitement in my household this weekend when I got myself a pretty new laptop.   I have been spending sooooo much time back and forward between my Mums house and my own, and it has been a right hassle trying to bring my massive PC with me.   I decided I REALLY wanted a mobile option for my EQ2 fix … and after tossing up the options for the last 6 months or so, settled on the new Macbook.

Now .. as a girl fashion is all of course, and the Macbook looks absolutely fabulous.   Not to mention, this little baby has some serious power under the hood :p    I got myself an intollerably cute little cordless mouse to complete the ensemble.

So I get my new shiny bauble home and start to play.   First thing to do is to set it up to dual boot.   The system comes with an absolutely excellent plain English guide to help do it.   I am far from the most computer litterate person you will meet, but I am not completely dizzy all the time either :p  

I managed to partition the machine and get Windows all set up in nice short order ….   Then there was the fun and games of all those lovely windows updates.    In a surprisingly short time and with an even more surprising lack of frustration, I was very soon ready to start installing EQ2.

I used my RoK discs and external hard drive, let the patcher update the rest … and weeeeeee.    EQ2 maps, ProfitRebornUI, Skype and last night I got my first glimpse of the Pax guildhall on my new machine.   A mention of thanks must be given to guild leader who did give me some guildance and pointers especially with the Mac OS side of things.

I definitely think that I will be tweaking and messing around with settings and so on for a wee while, but the great thing now is I can take my EQ fix with me wherever I go 😀   I am also keen to check out some of the cool functionality of the Mac.  All in good time and I am absolutely looking forward to some play time with my new shiny bauble.

Tonight I will get to roadtest and see how well she goes … We are headed back to VP again according to the schedule.

Happy hunting and crafting to all!

Our first glimpse at TotMC Tuesday, Jul 7 2009 

Well after clearing VP for just the second time on Monday night (Congrats to all of Pax)  we decided to stick our nose in to the Tomb of the Mad Crusader for something new last night.

It was quite fun and surreal knowing the lay out of the zone – so it was familair … and yet not like we had seen before with pretty Epic mobs lol.

Sadly, I missed a good chunk of the evening with some ISP issues but was glad to get to poke my head in to a new zone.   I was very proud of my guildies…. we got all the way to Thet-em-aua on our very first visit.

We pulled her maybe a little over half a dozen times, and I think we got a good feel for the encounter.   I think this is going to be one of THOSE encounters that is like a rite of passage.  

So really, the trick to this encounter simply seems to be people with the Thet curse kill the adds ASAP… No curing that curse.   Sounds easy when you say it like that hehe.  But damn she hits hard too.   There was a couple of times that our poor dark elf tank was entirely smooshed from full health by nasty critical double attacks 😦

We got her down to a little below 70% iirc … and I definitely think that she is within our capabilities.  This fight feels like it is one of those where there is certainly a bit of an element of luck to it.    We had a few times where both Arisha (MT) and Killy ( completely totally crap dps output lol) were both marked.   

One thing that did make it difficult for us … was the fact that we did not have everyone together in voice.   However, I logged in to check broker over breakfast this morning, and it looks like my voice is working again *cheers*.

So now we have poked our head into the zone and seen that we can get all the way to that nasty snake.   With a little more reading up on strats and properly functioning voice chat, I dont think it will be long before Pax is all wearing snakeskin boots lol

It is so exciting to see just how far our little guild has come during the last months.    From struggling to kill the Sisters in SoH to now looking at some of the difficult encounters in TSO zones.   It is a tribute to the hard work and persistance of our raid leaders and the raid membership as a whole.  We are far from an uber raid guild, but it is so much fun to take on new challenges.

Until next time 🙂   Happy hunting and crafting!

Another goal down!! Sunday, Jul 5 2009 

Well, when I posted on Friday, I had forgotten about the fact that we had bonus aa and tradeskill xp this weekend to celebrate 4th July in the USA.   Happy 4th of July to all my American friends by the way 🙂

As a nice start to the weekend, Friday night was a lovely relaxing evening hooked up with the boys.   We decided to hit up a couple of void shard instances including the DD.    I was absolutely thrilled and astounded when those three zones earned my girl more than a full aa level.   Bless bonus aa weekends!!

I had set myself a goal this weekend also, to finish leveling my 9th and final tradeskill girl to 80.    For about a year and a half I have been working toward that goal – obviously on and off.    Finally this weekend it happened.    My Woodworker girl is now 80, and so finally I can call myself pretty much a one stop crafter shop for the guild.

I say pretty much … for one good reason.   As I understand it, TSO faction tradeskill recipes are still not heirloom.   Given that my crafter girls are all between 10 and 20 in their respective adventure class, none of my girls will be able to make those items.   I will however start working on getting the girls their faction with Mara also.   I do enjoy my tradeskilling I must say.

Between quality time with the nephew and some fun girl time, I only managed to get back into Norrath to finish the weekend off ever so nicely.   I grabbed my baby dirge, and headed back to some old school tier 7 zones with the gang.   We checked out Obelisk of Blight, Crypt of Valdoon and Den of the Devourer.

It was an absolute blast.  My baby dirge dinged both an adventure level (now 68 Dirge) and 3more aa points 🙂   There wasnt any lewtz to note but it was a lot of fun, and now is the time where I really get to learn how to play a dirge in a group.    I have only really played this girl in a couple of mentored groups where mobs just die so quickly you dont really get to see what your character can do.

I have to remind myself that a dirge is NOT a dps machine, but is primarily about buffing the attributes and abilities of the rest of the group, and debuffing the mobs.  As long as the mobs are dying and we are not, then all is good.   I will no doubt ask lots of questions while I work out how to get the best out of this little girl.   She really is soooooo much fun.  While I absolutely adore my Killy girl, it is nice to have the option for another girl to play sometimes.

So back to work it is…

Happy hunting and crafting all.

My how time flies…. Friday, Jul 3 2009 

Good grief I cant believe it is another week over!!!!

I work in finance, so end of Financial year here in Australia has had me a very busy little bee.   Bah to real life interfering in my gaming and posting :p

So when last I posted, we (the guild) were preparing for a fresh instance of VP.   I do believe all of our mains now have their Mythicals.  Some folk have one or two of their alts with Myths now too 🙂   Grats to them.

Really there is not much of note from our trip into VP.  We came, we saw, and we kicked the dragons asses – some folk got some pretties for their kids along the way ….. including my little Killy.    I was so excited when the pattern dropped for the forearms for the Templar set piece.    I was even more excited to win them of course :p    It was incredible to see my little girl last night with a 110% heal crit.

With the fact that I have been busy at work, I have been a happy but tired little dorf and have not really had a chance to review Kil’s gear in detail recently.  I suspect when I do that, I will be taking off one of my charms to equip my Claymore reward (Arm of Erollisi – Cure is pretty useless now but the chance of an extra 20% to next heal is pretty nice)

Wednesday night was very much a quiet night of noodling ( Disclosure:  Noodling is a phrase ‘borrowed’ from Suzita ).  I really dont even remember much of what I did but it did involve some crafting.  While I was on vacation I managed to level my 8th crafter to level cap.   Now my Woodworker girl only has about 4 and a half levels to go before I have one of each crafter class to level cap.    I have been working towards that aim on and off for about a year and a half.    *giggles* come next February I will have another 10 levels for each of the girls to get.

Last night then was another glorious evening in game.   I have missed hanging out and laughing with the boys the last few weeks, so I really enjoyed getting together last night and hitting a couple of shard zones.   Ingame voice was not working for most of us … so we switched to teamspeak for the purposes of the evening.   It was so lovely to hear the boys voices again and have a wee giggle.  

We had a couple of exquisites drop … but Masters rather than gear 😦     Never mind – we will get Arishas Deepwater Barrier and Danonias ring from Najenas Tower …. one day.   I was even surprised to see Killy healing around 2500 heals/sec in a couple of encounters.  Not too shabby at all.

As for tonight, there are plans with the boys which may or may not include EQ2, Champagne for me, Rum and/or beer for the boys and lots of laughs 😀    The rest of the weekend is fair to bursting with plans for time with family and friends outside of Norrath.    I am definitely hoping to get my woodworker girl her last couple of levels if game time permits.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend both in and out of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting!