Good grief I cant believe it is another week over!!!!

I work in finance, so end of Financial year here in Australia has had me a very busy little bee.   Bah to real life interfering in my gaming and posting :p

So when last I posted, we (the guild) were preparing for a fresh instance of VP.   I do believe all of our mains now have their Mythicals.  Some folk have one or two of their alts with Myths now too 🙂   Grats to them.

Really there is not much of note from our trip into VP.  We came, we saw, and we kicked the dragons asses – some folk got some pretties for their kids along the way ….. including my little Killy.    I was so excited when the pattern dropped for the forearms for the Templar set piece.    I was even more excited to win them of course :p    It was incredible to see my little girl last night with a 110% heal crit.

With the fact that I have been busy at work, I have been a happy but tired little dorf and have not really had a chance to review Kil’s gear in detail recently.  I suspect when I do that, I will be taking off one of my charms to equip my Claymore reward (Arm of Erollisi – Cure is pretty useless now but the chance of an extra 20% to next heal is pretty nice)

Wednesday night was very much a quiet night of noodling ( Disclosure:  Noodling is a phrase ‘borrowed’ from Suzita ).  I really dont even remember much of what I did but it did involve some crafting.  While I was on vacation I managed to level my 8th crafter to level cap.   Now my Woodworker girl only has about 4 and a half levels to go before I have one of each crafter class to level cap.    I have been working towards that aim on and off for about a year and a half.    *giggles* come next February I will have another 10 levels for each of the girls to get.

Last night then was another glorious evening in game.   I have missed hanging out and laughing with the boys the last few weeks, so I really enjoyed getting together last night and hitting a couple of shard zones.   Ingame voice was not working for most of us … so we switched to teamspeak for the purposes of the evening.   It was so lovely to hear the boys voices again and have a wee giggle.  

We had a couple of exquisites drop … but Masters rather than gear 😦     Never mind – we will get Arishas Deepwater Barrier and Danonias ring from Najenas Tower …. one day.   I was even surprised to see Killy healing around 2500 heals/sec in a couple of encounters.  Not too shabby at all.

As for tonight, there are plans with the boys which may or may not include EQ2, Champagne for me, Rum and/or beer for the boys and lots of laughs 😀    The rest of the weekend is fair to bursting with plans for time with family and friends outside of Norrath.    I am definitely hoping to get my woodworker girl her last couple of levels if game time permits.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend both in and out of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting!