Well after clearing VP for just the second time on Monday night (Congrats to all of Pax)  we decided to stick our nose in to the Tomb of the Mad Crusader for something new last night.

It was quite fun and surreal knowing the lay out of the zone – so it was familair … and yet not like we had seen before with pretty Epic mobs lol.

Sadly, I missed a good chunk of the evening with some ISP issues but was glad to get to poke my head in to a new zone.   I was very proud of my guildies…. we got all the way to Thet-em-aua on our very first visit.

We pulled her maybe a little over half a dozen times, and I think we got a good feel for the encounter.   I think this is going to be one of THOSE encounters that is like a rite of passage.  

So really, the trick to this encounter simply seems to be people with the Thet curse kill the adds ASAP… No curing that curse.   Sounds easy when you say it like that hehe.  But damn she hits hard too.   There was a couple of times that our poor dark elf tank was entirely smooshed from full health by nasty critical double attacks 😦

We got her down to a little below 70% iirc … and I definitely think that she is within our capabilities.  This fight feels like it is one of those where there is certainly a bit of an element of luck to it.    We had a few times where both Arisha (MT) and Killy ( completely totally crap dps output lol) were both marked.   

One thing that did make it difficult for us … was the fact that we did not have everyone together in voice.   However, I logged in to check broker over breakfast this morning, and it looks like my voice is working again *cheers*.

So now we have poked our head into the zone and seen that we can get all the way to that nasty snake.   With a little more reading up on strats and properly functioning voice chat, I dont think it will be long before Pax is all wearing snakeskin boots lol

It is so exciting to see just how far our little guild has come during the last months.    From struggling to kill the Sisters in SoH to now looking at some of the difficult encounters in TSO zones.   It is a tribute to the hard work and persistance of our raid leaders and the raid membership as a whole.  We are far from an uber raid guild, but it is so much fun to take on new challenges.

Until next time 🙂   Happy hunting and crafting!