Well ….. I really am letting the team down this last few weeks eh :p

I honestly have absolutely NOTHING of significance to report the last few days in game.  It has purely consisted of Kicking back with the Pax.   All in all a very quiet weekend consisting of a couple of instances, including one of the new zones in JW.   It really was nice to check out a new instance, so bravo to the Devs for a new place to run.

There has very much been the feeling of a little bit of burnout between myself and a few of the boys.   I am very much enjoying myself …. and I think they are too – but I guess like everything in life there are little ebbs and flows in enthusiasm. 

Well … speaking of which …. there was much excitement in my household this weekend when I got myself a pretty new laptop.   I have been spending sooooo much time back and forward between my Mums house and my own, and it has been a right hassle trying to bring my massive PC with me.   I decided I REALLY wanted a mobile option for my EQ2 fix … and after tossing up the options for the last 6 months or so, settled on the new Macbook.

Now .. as a girl fashion is all of course, and the Macbook looks absolutely fabulous.   Not to mention, this little baby has some serious power under the hood :p    I got myself an intollerably cute little cordless mouse to complete the ensemble.

So I get my new shiny bauble home and start to play.   First thing to do is to set it up to dual boot.   The system comes with an absolutely excellent plain English guide to help do it.   I am far from the most computer litterate person you will meet, but I am not completely dizzy all the time either :p  

I managed to partition the machine and get Windows all set up in nice short order ….   Then there was the fun and games of all those lovely windows updates.    In a surprisingly short time and with an even more surprising lack of frustration, I was very soon ready to start installing EQ2.

I used my RoK discs and external hard drive, let the patcher update the rest … and weeeeeee.    EQ2 maps, ProfitRebornUI, Skype and last night I got my first glimpse of the Pax guildhall on my new machine.   A mention of thanks must be given to guild leader who did give me some guildance and pointers especially with the Mac OS side of things.

I definitely think that I will be tweaking and messing around with settings and so on for a wee while, but the great thing now is I can take my EQ fix with me wherever I go 😀   I am also keen to check out some of the cool functionality of the Mac.  All in good time and I am absolutely looking forward to some play time with my new shiny bauble.

Tonight I will get to roadtest and see how well she goes … We are headed back to VP again according to the schedule.

Happy hunting and crafting to all!