Well … cant believe it is thursday morning already 🙂

I guess not much to report from this week so far.    We headed in to VP on Monday and Tuesday nights.   Nice fresh instance, and fun as always.

Killys usual healing partner Lukwut (defiler) is off enjoying his summer with his family (have fun!!), so Killy was joined in MT group by Neridah (Mystic).    Neri has played a Shaman since her EQ1 days and it was kind of her to switch from her regular Monk to bring her Mystic with us.   It “feels” different with a different  healing partner …. Arishas health bar behaving a little differently – but all fun.

Not much detail to tell really …. we kicked the dragons butts.   What was lovely was that we had a lot of folk on Alts, and some new folks with us too.

We had a few untidy pulls but we cleared through to Xygoz, Hoshkar and Ashenclaw.  It was very exciting to see Norrath still for a moment as some of our guild allies were granted their Mythicals.  

After the fun and games of raiding for a few nights, I enjoyed a nice quiet night on alts with the boys.   I took the dirgeling for a little ramble.  Danonia braught his Guardian, Arisha braught his Fury and Topo braught his Templar.   The group was topped of with another couple of guildies on their alts too.

We decided to hit a couple of the instances in Barren Sky.  Nest is always fun and nice and easy, and then we headed to Vaults.   I think I may have been there once before on Killy and once on Nanytank, so it was a lot of fun.

I am not sure I make the best dirge ever, I kept forgetting to disarm the chests :p   We had a little rumble around and killed some stuff, so it was a mighty enjoyable evening.   My little girl got close to 2aa and a little over one xp level too 🙂   At level 69 dirge with 89aa, I think it could be time to finish off the quests in KoS real quick and head to Kylong!!  Soon enough she will even be eligable for TSO Shards *cheers*

Still we are plagued by problems with voice chat ….. it is getting quite frustrating but meh.  

I can also report that I have been VERY happy with my mobile EQ2 habit solution :p  – the laptop is working really well.    Despite the fact that I can be a little blonde at times …. it was not too hard to set up dual boot on the Macbook and get EQ running.  I have used both DELL and IBM laptops in the past for work, and I really rate the Macbook and can recommend it.

On things non game related, I am getting very excited about getting to see the new Harry Potter movie.   I am going to try and go sometime this weekend, and have deliberately stayed away from listening to any reviews favourable or unfavourable.    I am a massive fan of the Harry Potter franchise and intend to just go and appreciate the movie as it stands with no expectations.   *giggles*  I have also told my brother that it is my right as an Aunt to introduce my nephew to Harry Potter when he is old enough.  He is two and a half months old now, so maybe just another couple of weeks to wait eh :p

Hope everyone is having as much fun as always in Norrath.   Happy Hunting and crafting!