Well – you will never guess … but shhhhh I have a secret to share ….  Dont tell anyone!!  :p

A friend of mine has on a couple of occasions mentioned to me that I might like Lord of the Rings Online.    So this past weekend I installed and updated the client.    All I can say is that my friend was correct … I do like it indeed 🙂

As part of purchasing the discs, I have gotten a month of free play time to run around and try the game to see if I really like it.  This is a great thing indeed!   Time to run around and get used to a new UI, time to try a few different types of character class and race combinations.  

So far … my impressions are overwhelmingly positive.    I find that the game looks stunning.  While I am not a hard core fan, I would definitely say that I do enjoy the lore of Middle earth and feel the game has captured the atmosphere admirably.   I love Tolkiens books, and loved the movies.    I find that the UI is surprisingly intuitive, and functional.    So far I have made a healer called Kilanna (no surprises there :p)  and a couple of dps (Katyya and Nanytya).

As I have only spent a matter of a few hours in game so far, I dont think I have really formed any firm opinions or strong judgements yet.   While LOTR will NEVER EVER EVER replace my EQ, I find it refreshingly different and very enjoyable.

Now … speaking of EQ … Last night we returned to complete our current instance of VP.   We only had Skygazer, Silverwing and PharaDar left to complete.

We had some absolutely rotten luck during the Silverwing encounter … with Arisha (MT) our MA (Britty) our MT Dirge (Sydvicious) and Killy all finding themselves charmed at points through the encounter.   We also had MT healers called to clicky the little statues, so it took us a few frustrating pulls to get him done.

Skygazer and Phara Dar were much more straitforward, both going down on the first pull.   So … another instance of VP cleared, and a few more folks joining our raids claiming Mythical updates which was superb!!  

Our raids are open to the server, and we usually have a couple of spaces free once we invite our guildmates and allies.   We dont charge for people to join us for their updates but people who join us are not free to roll on any loot that drops.  It is felt that a free mythical update is a sufficient reward for a non regular who tags along. 

Now tonight, we are actually planning to head back to hit VS.   We have a new guildmate and a key alt who both need VS for Mythical updates.  Since this encounter has been changed recently, I dont expect it to present us with many problems.   I dont expect it to be the SoB, multi-wipe, PITA encounter that it used to be.    I guess I will be able to report one way or the other tomorrow 🙂

Until then!  Happy hunting and crafting all.