I mentioned on my yesterdays post that we were headed to VS last night to get myth updates for a couple of our Guildies.   

We came … we saw … and we righteously kicked his lizard ass back to where it belongs booooya!!!   (Hrms, perhaps gloating so much is not very attractive :p)

This was the first time that we have tackled the event since the recent changes to the encounter and it has made a tremendous difference.   While we do have to watch power going too low, we didnt have to worry about high power this time.  Obviously still needed to watch the fear, the cures and detrimentals.

On the first pull, our new guildmate showed us how the failure mechanism still works :p    He had not done the fight before and missed the cure nox.   He ended up with no power .. and hey presto adds, a squashed MT templar, quickly followed by a squashed MT.

We picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off.  Second pull and in just a couple of minutes VS was deader than dead and 3 of our raid members had mythical updates  *cheers*

I imagine that there are some folk who would complain that perhaps the fight has been dumbed down TOO much, but I beg to differ.  

Pax killed him when this was a really suckfull encounter.  I am glad we did, it is like a rite of passage.   But SERIOUSLY, before the changes the failure mechanism was just so harsh.  One slip in concentration from one raid member and the whole raid wiped .. no chances for recovery.

Post the recent changes, there is still the trauma DoT (stun), fear, and the noxious DoT put on by VS.  You still require your healers to avoid the fear, you still require everyone to make sure they keep their power up … you just have a wider margine of error to play with.

In practical terms, yes the fight is definitely easier than it was prior to the changes, but it still deserves respect.   If the fear or stun prevents someone from curing themselves or getting cured by a healer, the raid could still wipe. 

Since that whole effort took us roughly 15 minutes after dealing out whatever lewtz dropped, we then headed to SoH for old times sake … and quickly hit up the first four named.   I had two hopes .. one was that my Brace of Corporeal Darklight would drop  (Sadly no luck there:( )  and the second that we could perhaps start working on Maestro.

By the time we got to him a bunch of folks were headed to bed, so we will leave  him for next time too.

I have been soooo bad lately… missing live events and new content … might have to buckle down and take a look at some soon, and get Killy some of that final precious aa towards her 200aa.

Until next time .. happy hunting and crafting all.