I must admit that I have been SOOOOO remiss with poor Killy in recent times.    She has not done any questing in the revamped Lavastorm and *shock* still has barely done like 20 or 30 quests in Moors of Ykesha!!

When I logged in last night, it was very quiet in guild ….  so guild leader brought his tank Hulkan, and together he and Killy actually started working on RIME faction.

I have honestly been so remiss that I dont even know what this is all about (I am presuming it is starting to set up for the next expansion) or why I am doing it other than for the groovy mount :p

Together the two of us had absolutely no problem at all with doing the quests in Kylong.  An hour or so and Killy had earned over half an aa point, a couple of platinum and a few quest rewards.

Nothing really sticks out for me …. it was just more of the regular sorts of quests, with some housing rewards.   Maybe it was just the fact that I have a cold and dont feel the best – but I didnt think it was anything that inspired.  Other than for the aa …  I dont think I would have missed out on much if I had not done them.

There was no need for me to do the repeatables in Kylong so we moved strait on over to Fens after doing them once.   By this time, my cold and the medication I am taking for it conspired against me lol … and it was time to head to sleep.

I guess at some point over the weekend Killy will continue on with this quest line and get her shiny new mount ….  Maybe even head back up to Moors with Hulkan to commit more slayage, and start getting towards that aa level cap before the next expansion comes out :p  I am not doing too badly really … almost 186 aa … even just with regular shard runs and what not I am sure that aa would continue to tick over!!

Guess that is enough prattle from me for today ….. Happy hunting and crafting all, and hope everyone has a great weekend both in and out of Norrath!!