A lot of fun was had the last few days for me in game – and exactly as you might guess, there was a lot of variety.

Firstly, Killy and Hulk ran around Fens and continued to Kunzar Jungle for some RIME faction.   I guess this quest line is neither boring nor exciting … it was just fun hanging out and getting Killy some more aa.

In between, hooked up with the boys for some fun hitting a shard zone or two.   Part of me is a growing weary of the same old shard zones … but I guess we do indeed have new content in the GU’s that I am yet to explore.   I am unsure whether it is a good or bad thing that we have longer between expansions and game updates going forward.

I also had a bunch of fun finishing off some quests in Barren Sky and taking my dirgeling to Kylong Plains.    Look at her … she is almost all grown up!!

I started working Blood of the Brood for her Hoo’loh hat.  Together with guild leaders Necro, we managed to duo the scroll bearer.  I had forgotten just how many hit points he had!!   I am now up to the point of needing a quick nest run to continue that quest.

So with the little dirge now dinged level 70 and 91aa, I have started the quest grind that is the RoK expansion.   This will be the third time now I have done these quests, but I think that compared to the Templar and the Pally, it will be much faster on this little girl.

One thing that I remember and was ready for was how much harder the mobs hit in RoK.   In Barren Sky, con white mobs were barely scratching my little girls armour, and yet the con white and blue mobs in Kylong were really smacking her about sometimes.   One great thing though, I dont imagine it will take her very long at all to get to 72, and some new Mastercrafted gear will make all the difference to her.

I absolutely adore the dirge class.  So many handy abilities, nice dps output.   The way I look at it, different classes give you a different perspective on the game.  Killy will always be my main girl for groups and raids … but Katyya is a heck of a lot of fun for running around and exploring on my own. 

Speaking of raiding …. for some reason this week the servers have been incredibly quiet.    We only managed half a raid on Monday night .. so instead of VP as scheduled, we headed into WoE.

It was fantastic fun actually.  Usually, WoE is an optional raid and Arisha comes on one of his alts to get a break from tanking.  This week though, with Arisha tanking we got further than we ever have and actually finished the evening looking at Aiden.   He stared us down, we started him down, and he splatted my poor little dwarven body all over his cave when I got too close :p  but it was good to see him at last.

Exciting of exciting, Killy even got the pattern for her first fabled shard piece too 🙂

After the fun of Monday night, we gathered last night to find that we had a little over 3 groups … so we decided to head into VP and try to get one of our guildmates his final Mythical update.  As a fury, his update was Druushk.   We had 21 people quite a few of whom had not been into the first wing of VP yet.  In addition, we were missing a few key people such as our regular MT Shaman and my favourite coercer.

That being said, I was absolutely thrilled when after 3 or 4 attempts only, Druushk went down, and shortly afterwards Norrath was still for a moment for our Fury.

We were actually short of healers for Druushk IMHO … we only had four healers in the whole raid … but we pulled out all stops and everyone did themselves proud.  Even Arisha was healing almost 500 heals/sec on the fight, with Killy pushing out almost 3000 heals/sec *flex* Proud of my girl :p

Just to jump to something totally unrelated, I was reading one of the EQ2 flames threads on the weekend since I have STILL been having trouble with my voice chat.  It appears that there seems to be a very high incidence of trouble specifically for Australian players.   The good news is that one of the developers has posted an update for us, and it appears VIVOX have written an update which should be getting sent out in a hotfix this week.  Hopefully we should all have voice working properly for raids next week!!!

I imagine that the next few days shall be quite quiet in game, and I think I would like to keep going with the dirgeling.  Maybe hook up with the boys and progress her Blood of the Brood quest and continue on with Kylong plains.  *giggles* or I could cheat and box her with my pallytank to smash through the next level or so :p

Whether or not we now have too long between updates and expansions, there is ALWAYS plenty to get up to in Norrath.

Happy hunting and crafting!