With the excitement of the last couple of nights raids behind us, it is always nice to have a quiet night.

I was pottering about on my little dirge just meandering through the quests in Kylong plains … It is amazing how just doing that will steadily earn you nice xp and aa.  In no time at all the dirge had dinged 71 Dirge and 93aa *cheeers*

Right around that time a few of the boys logged in, and someone suggested a run to Emperors Antheum (?sp) in JW.   In short order a group was together, and it was sooooo nice to have the comfortable company of the boys.  

It was only the second time that I have done the zone, and it was fun to do something different.   The mob that will FD you and run to the crowd for buffs was a weee bit annoying … we wiped to him once and he kept FD us every 20 seconds so it felt .    We also wiped once to the last encounter, but in the end they were defeated by the mighty friends from pax :p

The only thing that would have made last night any better, would have been if our voice chat was working properly.   I note that the hotfix which went through last night my time is supposed to be correcting the connectivity problems we have been having.  

When I logged in over breakfast this morning I noted that I connected to voice immediately.   I hope this was not just a co-incidence and that our issues for the last two months have now been fixed.   We have intermittently been using teamspeak, but I guess I have been spoiled by the clarity and quality of sound from in game chat compared to teamspeak.     Hopefully if we have our voice chat fully operational again, it will be easier to get the boys together again for our regular fun in Norrath.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!