With the return of my beloved voice chat, being able to hear and speak with the boys, life is good 🙂

At the moment, I am struggling to get in as much game time as I would like, between family time and time for other non PC fun.

We did manage to get a couple of instances in on Friday night.   We have been running Najenas Tower and Crucible for some particular pieces for the boys… I know Dan wants a ring of the last name in Najeenas, and Arisha wants the Deepwater Barrier off codexicon.    We were not so lucky … but it was fun to hook up and have a giggle anyhow.

My busy social calendar included a night out to see a band at a well known pub in town on Saturday night, with some of my EQ2 guildies.   I did manage to have a little fun with the Dirgeling in Kylong before my much needed Nanna nap to set me up for a big night on the town.

I had Killy make upgrades for a nice bunch of the dirges Combat Arts and Spells …. which does indeed make a huge difference.   I have just been pottering about hitting various quests and mobs .. and my little girl has moved along to almost 72 Dirge with 95 or 96aa.

I cant wait to get her dinged 72 so she can wear her new Mastercrafted set …. The mobs in RoK do smack you about a little in comparison to equivalent mobs in KoS.   Most times Katyya has no problem killing mobs … but pulling an add or an unlucky double attack can REALLY hurt.

Not much else to report from the weekend really … and now we look forward to the start of a new week and our raiding Schedule.

It has been decided that we will not complete our VP instance tonight due to poor numbers the last week or so.   Instead we will be hitting WoE tonight and TotMC tomorrow.   I am hoping if there is no mucking about we might even get in a couple of pulls on Aiden tonight ….. after him smooshing my poor little plate wearing dorf body everywhere last week :p

I am also hoping that we may also get some good work in on Thet – em – aua tomorrow night … but more news as to how we got on with WoE tomorrow.

Happy hunting and crafting!