The last  couple of nights raiding has been a whole bunch of fun … if not a little frustrating for our intrepid adventurers.

Monday night saw us short of numbers for VP so we headed into WoE.   With little difficulty, we cleared through the zone up to the last couple of named … So all that was left was Aiden and the waves apon wave of ghostly books named   (Technical description I grant you, but those who have been there will know of whom I speak :p)

It was very very frustrating because my girl was pushing 3K heals /second and I could still not keep my saucy dark elf pallytank alive.     We tried pet pulling and bow pulling and body pulling and pulling into the corner closest to the door … and no matter what we did we ended up pulling the entire room (four encounters) and just could NOT keep Arisha alive.   I have heard that basically the way to do that named is to have two tanks, and basically bounce aggro between them as they die.    How have other folks done this encounter … is it possible to pull only one group of the books instead of all four encounters?

It was quite exciting though, Killy won herself another fabled piece in WoE .. this time a neck slot item.  

Tuesday night then saw us head into TotMC.  I was quite excited and we did indeed get some good work in on Thet-em-aua.   She is a right nasty witch.   For some reason, last night we were struggling to manage the adds… and after about a dozen pulls we gave up on her.  The adds kept reaching the named and we went KABOOM lol.   I am thinking that communication is the key to this fight.   I think that our issue was that the folks with the curse would concentrate on the adds from down the bottom, and the add up the top would kill us … and then visa versa.  If we could somehow ensure that the folk with the curse would split up I think we would be just dandy.

It didnt help that we had bad luck on one or two of the pulls with healers being called to kill the adds.  DPS on those adds was really an issue for us.

On one pull we got Thet down to just on 40% ….  so it definitely is in us.  I remember when we had the same with the sisters in SoH and the Twins in Kor’Sha.   We are almost there, and once we have got the mobs down the first time it will be VERY satisfying 🙂

So I am hoping tonight will be a nice quiet evening in game .. maybe run an instance … maybe make up my WoE pieces

Until next time friends …. happy hunting and crafting 🙂