It feels like it has been EVER such a long time since I posted … probably because it is.   I am however still alive and kicking.

The rest of my real life has been keeping me amazingly busy this last few months.   Mostly work and family stuff – and all for the good.

I can however report that while these events have interfered somewhat in my gaming habbits, that I have still been having MUCHOS fun with the boys.

While it is frustrating, we continue to hit our heads against Thet, Switchmaster, and have not even had another go at Maestro.  

I have been quite excited by the changes in the last GU.   Killy forges onward toward her 200 – being ever so close at about 197 iirc.   I have really enjoyed that a lot of stuff has become heirloom, and for the same reasons as I was excited about shards becoming heirloom.   It is not so much of an issue for me – since I really only play Killy – but I like the flexibility that it gives.    Both in grouping and raids, some folk have been playing alts – so it is nice that they can still take loot for their mains or other characters without needing to mess about switching toons.

My baby dirge is still slowly growing – heading toward 77 with just over 130aa iirc.  I dont know what you would call it – but she is getting to be a spoilt little lizard.   I decided I wanted to take her for a little run through Crypt of Agony for the aa and possible chance at a Carotidcutter.   Could I believe it when we blasted through the zone and it ACTUALLY did drop? *cheers*

One other tale I shall recount … is a very memorable trip through Crucible a wee while ago.    It was absolutely hilarious.   Two of the boys were wearing the Jewel of Animosity, and two of the boys were wearing the Bloodthirsty Choker … for the entire zone.   Certainly kept my Killy girl on her best healing behaviour that instance :p

I have run the Shard of Love a couple of times – hoping to get a set of lovely fairy wings for Killy.   Not much luck so far, but a fairly easy zone even for a small group as long as you have enough dps.

It is hard to describe – I love my EQ, I am fond of my guildmates and the boys, I love seing how far we can push Killy’s heals and still keep the group alive – but lately it really feels as though it is difficult to focus.   Really I have not been concentrating on any of my toons – on their gear, on their aa.    I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the next expansion, and already planning to take some vacation time.

Until then, I guess I focus on getting baby dirge to 80, get Killy her last few aa, then maybe look at getting the pally and the dirge a bit more aa.  I dont think the pally has set foot in Moors yet actually, so it will be fun.   Crazy as it sounds, I am also thinking about which of my girls shall be my next alt to level.  it is especially exciting with the aa slider now.   Maybe my defilier, maybe my swashbuckler.

I guess it is just all about playing what you enjoy and enjoy what you are playing!   Happy hunting and crafting 🙂