I have missed writing about my EQ2 adventures lately, and so it is my intention to get back into the habit of writing regularly.

Having said that …. I really have not much to write about from last nights adventures.    I logged on and chatted about while my dinner was cooking.    A bunch of the guild headed out to WoE, and apparently there was not enough room for my girl …. so I ended up actually heading out with the boys and starting the faction grind in JW with an aim to getting the baby dirge her port hammer.

There were three of us all on alts.   nice and low pressure to just potter about.  We didnt end up spending too much time, but the dirge earned herself a good chunk of an aa level, and inched her way just a little closer to 77. 

I was daydreaming on the train on the way into work this morning (as I often do), thinking that what I might do is write myself a list of things I want to achieve for each of my girls.

I have not had a strong desire until quite recently to get my Pally her Mythical.  In fact, I dont even have her fabled yet.   At the beginning of the week we did Levi to get a bunch of alts VP access.   Killy has been a fixture as MT cleric now for I guess around 2 years.   I am dissapointed that I just didnt log to Nanytya to get her VP access even though a few folks expressed a preference for Killy to stay and heal.

Raid schedule has gone up, and it is planned that we are going to VP week after next.  With the help of the boys, I know that I could very easily be ready for her Myth update as long as she can get VP Access. 

So I guess writing myself a little list of what I want to achieve will be a good way to refocus, and keep myself amused until the expansion comes out early next year 🙂   I wonder how other people keep themselves motivated and interested … and how they decide on their priorities.

There is actually so much content that I have not explored in this last expansion … for real I after 12 months I STILL have not quested in the Moors.  I am yet to explore Lavastorm, I am yet to complete RIME faction on any of my characters.   So much fun to be had, I just wish there were two of me to be able to enjoy it all lol.

Until next time – Happy hunting and crafting everyone!