What a wonderful fun weekend in game!

I had set my self a goal this weekend … and it was ALL about the Pallytank.

She has been 80 for an age… like well over 6 months.  I had never been inspired to push her forward on getting her Fabled epic weapon, let alone her Mythical.  

Last week as a guild we had set about getting some newer guildmates updates toward their mythicals.   We have scheduled VP for next week.  A bunch of other guildies are working on their third or fourth Mythicals … and so all of a sudden I felt a burning desire to have a new pretty for my Nanytank.

I had decided that before I even commenced the quest, I would do the pre requisites …. which were quite frankly not too difficult, but quite annoying and time consuming.  First I had to have enough faction with the Reet.   This consisted of grinding out repeatable (heroic) quests  in Sebilis to get to +40K faction.   Blessed with some very patient guildmates, we had a little giggle doing that while enjoying a Friday night beverage of choice (Champagne anyone?)

After actually getting the starter and doing a few solo steps, I thaught that on Saturday I would attempt to achieve the sub quest which is mostly in Sebelis .   I actually had a total blast tanking – even if I did have difficulty keeping aggro.  (this was expected with a totally undergeared character and inexperienced player trying to keep aggro from well geared, experienced dps with Myths) 

Not to be discouraged,  Sunday was to be Nanytanks day.   A kill in Somborn Village, a visit to the Shard of Fear, A visit to Kunzar Jungle and hey presto the fabled weapon would be hers.

At this point, I came so close to disaster.   After our trip to Shard of Fear, I mistakenly thaught that I needed to go to Jarsath Wastes.  On went the port hammer and away I went.    It turned out I didnt need to go there so …. headed back real quick to Kunzar Jungle to fight a named.  This fight would consume  the item that was dropped from Terror in Shard of Fear.   Of course,  I had forgotten to take my port hammer off …. and ported back to JW.   Fortunately for me, we had killed my named and my quest updated no more than 2 seconds before I ported out…. *phew*

Hilarity (and a few rude words from me) ensued, but within moments my girl was back to Kunzar Jungle to claim her new pretty – The Truth of Marr

Thank you so very much to my very kind and patient guildmates.  

After having had such a blast tanking, I think I would really like to do more of it.   This will give Arisha a break from tanking, and some of the other boys a chance to heal sometimes too.  It is a great change of pace – and variety is the spice of life so they say 🙂

I know Killy inside out, and I know when to pull out the emergency abilities and when to take it easy.   I think it will take patience and time for me to get to that point on Nanytank – but I am lucky to have a nice group of friends that I hope wont mind a bit.   I might also have them poke and prod me when I feel the need to retreat to the security of the character I know best lol.

Nanytya has around 145aa at the moment, so she has some work to do there.  All her spells are at expert, she has a full set of T2 shard gear, and now her epic, so I have a good base to start with.

I was looking at the Shadows AA tree this morning over coffee, and drooooooooling over some of the pretty abilities there.   I might even have a chat with my favourite Dark Elf Pally for his advice on resetting my aa – I have so much respect for him as a friend and a player after 2 years that I am happy to learn from his experience.

Hope everyone else had as much fun as I did in Norrath this weekend.  Happy hunting and crafting!