Well last night was another scheduled raid night for our crazy adventurers, and it was decided that we would poke our heads in and have a lookie at the new raid zone in Everfrost.

Our dedicated raid leaders had checked things out and had a wee bit of an idea of what to expect … but hey there is no substitute to experience.  So we got in there and had a go.

As expected we didnt get very far, and we died a bit.   We cleared trash and didnt get any named down but that was OK.  The trash mobs in that zone sure as heck drop some nice pretties … so it was far from a wasted effort for us.

I know that I was dog tired last night, and I know that our MT was tired even before we got started (Damn that daylight savings lol)  Perhaps now we have had a couple of tries at pulling those first named, we can go away and maybe have a little more success next time we visit. 

I watch the heal parser in raids.   By now I know the expected pattern of how our various healers will parse, but I find it valuable.   I know what sort of parse I am capable of, and also our MT Shaman.  By looking at the parse I can see if we have got the healing well under control, or whether it is at the limits of our capabilities.   Last night I could hardly believe it, but Killy parsed the highest heals/sec she has ever managed.   As she died, it was around 3500 heals/sec!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was looking at getting the stone tower shard accessories for my little pallytank.  Sadly, these items are NOT heirloom, so I could not have Killy make them and transfer through the shared bank /sigh.   Fortunately my guild faction is sufficiently high and there were several people who offered to help out, so now Nanytank has a few more upgrades.

I dont know what the next couple of nights in game shall bring …. but I am sure it will be fun as always!   Until next time happy hunting and crafting 🙂