Monday night = raid night for the brave adventurers of Pax Fatalis.

In order to maximise our lewtz, we have decided to stop hitting our heads against Thet for the time being.   Our new strategy is this … we shall hit the first couple of named in TotMC, and then run across to PotAO and keep going on the switchmaster.

This is turning out to be quite a good idea, as we can get all of that done in two hours … more lewtz for our brave adventurers in one sitting 🙂

Not much to mention.   We did have a couple of wipes on the twin named in PotAO.  One time it was quite annoying since we had killed the first mob, and someone got the curse when the second mob was almost down 😦   Not to worry – the next pull we killed them good.

We had a couple of pulls at switchmaster … but really the fact that you have a good 10 minutes fighting trash before the named spawns means that you dont get much of a chance to fight him.  It would be ideal if you only had to kill the adds once, and not each time the encounter resets.  I guess you have to expect to work for your lewts when you play with the big boys!

So I guess the upshot after last night is that the switchmaster is DEFINITELY on my S*%$ list – he will go down to the mighty Pax.   You mark my words!

After raid, I had a few minutes chatting with my favourite dark elf over Pally aa and gear.   I dont think I will ever make a great tank, but I think with patience I could learn enough of the basics to make a passable tank for some nice easy instance runs.   It will just take practice and experience – just like when I was learning how to play Killy.  

This morning over breakfast, I popped onto game and browsed the broker.   100pp got my girl 4 or 5 masters – which wasnt too bad really.   After talking to Arisha I was comfortable with the M2 choice I had made – so all in all my girl should have had a HUGE boost in her capability at holding aggro.   I shall have Killy make her the stone Tower shard jewelery set, and that should be a good boost to her tanking survivability 🙂

The mere thaught of me tanking fills me with dread and terror lol – but then and again I remember a time that solo healing a zone on Killy would fill me with that same fear and dread lol.   It is so exciting to think that playing an Alt character can just give you a completely fresh experience of the game.  

I hope the boys dont run out of patience while I learn …. but I think we will all enjoy a bit of a switch around and chance to play some different toons.  It will be nice to just enjoy the fun – and what is the worst that can happen – we spend a little extra gold on our repair bills lol

Until next time – happy hunting and crafting everyone!!