Although real life consipired to minimise my game time last night, the time that I had was quite exciting.

As I logged on, my favourite Dark Elf sent me a quick tell to ask if I felt like tanking an Everfrost zone.  Of course my answer was HECK YEAH!!  After some distractions we headed out to Everfrost and hit Anathema.  We didnt mind which zone but someone was after the chance of a cloak for an alt.  So Anathema it was.

Well we finished the zone in about 30 mins and no one died so that in my opinion equals success.

A couple of times my favourite coercer ripped aggro – but i guess that tends to happen since he is decked out and doing uber damage :p

It was great to mix it up and play different toons … Having Arisha there with small tips and some advice here and there was great.    “Hey Killy this mob fears so I put my back into a wall”,  “You can put Amends on the Wizzie since you will be also be getting transfer from  coercer and swashie”,  “I tend to target x and that grabs the rest of the group on the way through”, “Mobs arent social in here Killy so you can range pull at will”  

It is interesting that it is only after almost 4 years of playing that I am questioning how some of these mechanics work lol.  In the past I have just trusted my tank to stop the mobs from smacking me – and if they smack me I deaggro and hold up heals for a bit while the tank gets it back lol

Something I was sort of wondering about ….. do good tanks still often see aggro flicking to other members of the party?   Is the measure of a good tank just being able to get that aggro back?   Obviously sometimes over zealous dps will get aggro and that just happens – doesnt mean you are a sucky tank right?.  

Last night I was generally range pulling using an encounter damage,  then hitting with my encounter taunt, and then hitting with AoE DPS.  Does the fact that I saw aggro flicking about on the pull mean I am too slow with my spells and Combat arts?

I guess then the next thing for me to consider is her dps.   I didnt pay attention to ACT last night, just the couple of parses that the boys posted.  Nanytya did about 2500dps as compared to the Coercer and Swash doing 4 – 4.5k each.   I am comfortable that a mixture of experience, some gear upgrades, and more aa will see my girl holding her own in that department.

I have tanked a couple of instances before, but for the first time last night I genuinely enjoyed myself.  I think that the boys enjoyed the change of pace too.   I am no Arisha, but no one would expect that.   We finished the zone, got our shards, and no one died = win!.  Some encounters may not have been very tidy, but I am guessing that happens to EVERY tank.

I feel like a kid at christmas playing with a new toy :p   I am heading interstate for my high school reunion so I wont get a chance to be in game this weekend, but I am really looking forward to the chance to get to play her again.   I think I need to finish some quests in RoK , and take her to Moors STAT for some of that delicious aa 🙂

Until next time – happy hunting and crafting all,