After being away at my high school reunion over the weekend, I have no adventures in Norrath to report.  However, I was so excited after I logged in to briefly say ello to my beloved guildmates.

First of all, I logged on to Pallytank.   My favourite dark elf had logged her in over the weekend and taken her for a run to Chamber of Destiny hoping to get her VP access.   Sadly the raid failed and she didnt get her update – but how spoilt am I to have good friends who would do that !   Not only that …. but when I flicked over to Killy she had a lovely little present waiting for her in her backpacks too.   The boys had run Shard of Love hoping for an appearance slot Tower Shield or buckler to drop.   Neither of those items dropped – but my lucky little girl now very proudly sports her gorgeous little wings.     I am truly a spoilt little dorf *giggles*

Last night then saw Pax head back to VP to get some mythicals for new guildies and ALTS.

We have not been in there for a wee while …. and there has been a some changes since we were last in the dragons lair.  This is the first time that we have been in there since the DPS Cap was removed from Nexona, and the magical barriers between the various wings were removed.   The majority of people required updates from Druushk and Nexona.   With the barriers removed, we worked as quickly as possible to get directly to those nasty wyrms.

It is interesting how some nights click, and some nights just dont.  

Whilst I only died once, last night felt sooooo messy.   We struggled with DPS not assisting the MA, and in particular the first time we pulled Nexona was REALLY ugly – resulting in a wipe.   We did manage to get Druusk down first pull, but once again you could hardly say it was a well executed encounter by our intrepid adventurers.

None the less, we have half a dozen new myths within our guild now – so at the end of the day that is a big win 🙂  

Tonight will see us head further in to hit Taskmaster, Xygoz (love that encounter :P), Hoshkar, Silverwing and the Phara Dar encounter for more updates.   Wish us luck!  and hope tonight is much more disciplined and better executed than last night 🙂

Until tomorrow – happy hunting and crafting to one and all.