As I mentioned yesterday, we continued on in our return to VP last night.   The aim was to get another group of toons Mythed up.  And mythed up we got them indeed!!.

After the kaffuffle that was Monday night, our second night went MUCH more smoothly.   Granted that the mobs in the second wing are certainly less of a challenge than Nex and Druushk, but it was MUCH tidier than Monday night.

We really enjoyed the recent changes which removed the magical barriers within VP.   We did mobs out of order and even chose to avoid those we did not need which was great!  So last night Hoshkar, Xygoz, Taskmaster, Ashenclaw all went down, giving updates to a new guildmate Pally, my favourite Dark Elf (who brought on his swashy), 2 coercers, 2 conjurers, one or maybe two wardens …. and a partridge in a pear tree *giggles*

Always a good thing to have a really worthwhile trip.  I am sure that in the last two nights that is around a dozen Myth updates we managed to get.  But wait there is more! ….. we need to go back and hit Silverwing and the Phara Dar encounter for our Bruiser and Ranja!!   That will happen next Monday.  Next week we are also scheduled to hit a couple of low key non VP myth updates.  I am hoping we might be able to sneak some updates for my Pallytank too.

On maybe a couple of occasions I have mentioned how fond I am of my guildmates especially those who I refer to as “my boys” :p.    They spoil me quite a bit really … Including trying to get my Pally her VP access while I was away last weekend.  Sadly, the raid wasnt succesful, but how spoilt am I.   They even took my girl to speak to the couple of NPC’s she needed to advance the first step between Fabled and Myth lol.

I have read a few blogs recently discussing the value of guilds and what keeps people playing MMO’s.   I will say it again, but for me it is DEFINITELY my guildmates and in game friends that keep this game so much fun for me.   I am also pretty sure that some of those whom I call friends only stick around because of the relationships and networks built up in game.  I dont think it is the pure game content that keeps us interested after more than three years. 

*sigh* The busy pace of the rest of real life continues on … and I have a friend visiting from out of town for a couple of days yay!.   This will mean that I wont get a chance to take my little Tankgirl for a run through a shard instance or two, but they will still be there next week I guess :p

Hope everyone is having as much fun in Norrath!    Happy hunting and crafting.