As I hinted in my last post, I have had a friend visiting from interstate.  

While I am missing my game time very much, it was so lovely to have her company and to be able to talk with her.  It was nice to be able to share some very exciting and important things that are happening in the rest of my real life and have her perspective.   No matter how much I love the boys, there are just SOME things that are secret womens business :p

Between all that, there was time for a little game time with the tankgirl HOOOOORAY!

While I know that most will not think this as a major accomplishment, I took Nanytya out to play this weekend and she tanked a couple of shard instances.  We did Crucible and Evernight Abbey – had a bunch of fun, beat all the critters up, and none of our heroes died (although we did indeed loose the Conji pet a couple of times – but such is life *giggles*)

I absolutely had a bundle of fun, made some mistakes is for sure – but meh no one minded :p 

I must admit I was rather nervous about tanking the encounter of three before the master.  I was worried that I would not be able to hold agro on all three since it is not a linked encounter.  It was hardly the prettiest of encounters but I did manage to keep the bad guys from beating on the dps for the most bit.    I really do enjoy that zone, and it is really nice as a tank when the mobs are not social.

One of the reasons we chose Crucible was for a chance for my girl to get her Deepwater Barrier – a rather nice tower shield from Codexicon.   Arisha finally got one for his girl recently after MONTHS of us trying.  I was giggling uncontrolably when my Pallytank got hers on her very first run *cheers*

After that we headed to Evernight – where EVERYTHING is social.  Again we had a few encounters that were quite messy, but no one died even though we came close a couple of times :p  

The upshot was that we had a fun night and some giggles, we got some shards and some lewtz.   By the end of the evening, my girl had actually earned herself 2 full aa.  I dont think I will ever be a very good tank, but I dont think it matters – to me it is all about just enjoying your game time and the friends that you are with.

Happy hunting and crafting to all 🙂