Last night was night three of our latest venture into VP.   It should not have been so – but what an awful night we had.

We had Skygazer, Silverwing and Phara Dar to go … we should have EASILY got that done in two hours …. but NOOOOOOOOO

Skygazer was done and dusted pretty quick smart – he went to join his other Wyrm cousins that had already been dispatched.    And so it was on to Silverwing.

Well what an almighty mess that was.  Nothing more to say.   It was not much fun at all.

For the times we have done this zone, we have never found this mob to be the easiest.    But last night was just ridiculous considering we had so many mythicalled main characters playing.    

It certainly did not help that the encounter appears to be bugged by all accounts.   the little wisplings were travelling in a different path to normal and pretty much chain stunning us if anyone got close.   Not to mention, when we pulled Silverwing, he started to heal himself back up to full right away.

So a little research, and we decided to pull Silverwing to a different place to usual.   Normally we pull him into the alcove to the left as you face him.   Instead, we pulled him back to the door on that same side of the room.   The alcove is normally a good place to pull him because it protects the healers from getting punted across the room with his wingbeat.

So last night the positioning was just awful for me as a healer – either I was getting hit with his AoE stun … or else I was getting slapped across the other side of the room by his wingbeat.  

We did manage to get him down to like maybe 30 percent on one attempt but it was just messy messy and frustrating as heck.   We shall just have to put it down to being one of those nights and move on.

Sadly, tonight we are going to miss our regular raid.   There is to be a server down right during our normal scheduled play time.   I am really really sad about this because we still have a couple of new guildies to get their myths, but our instance will reset tomorrow night 😦   At least with the magical barriers changed, we can start a fresh instance and head strait for that wing.   

Perhaps Nanytank the Pallytank might get her Leviathan kill for access and Hoshkar for her VP myth update next instance.   This would leave Thuuga and Imzok.

So with the servers down there will be NO play time for this little dorf tonight …. but until next time Happy hunting and crafting everyone!