And believe me, my friends and guildmates are very virtuous :p

Although the servers went down on Tuesday night right in the middle of our regular raid time, we did manage to sneak down into VP and kill silverwing for a couple of myth updates.   Sadly, we did not have enough time for Phara Dar, but I hope we get a chance to go get him soon.

Last night, I had a chance to take the Pally tank for a run.   We got a group together and headed to Najenas tower, and this is why I count myself as a very fortunate person.

Despite the fact that we had some deaths in the group, and we wiped once – I can say that I had a fun time.     I am fortunate to have a lovely group of guildmates who are very patient and are happy to have a giggle despite my inexperienced tanking :p   

It is a completely different world to tank as compared to healing.   I seriously have so much respect for people who tank well.   Having to have eyes in the back of your head, control agro, control mob position, watch for your healer and dps … but oh my gosh it is so much fun to do something different.   At the end of the day fun is what it is all about – the minute it stops being fun is the time I take a break from the game.

Between the couple of instances and various things that the little pally has done, she has earned about 4 or 5aa in the last week which is great 🙂   My favourite Dark Elf spent some time helping me to reset her aa last week, so she now has Aura of the Crusader (endline ability for the third of the shadows aa trees).  I also now have a clearer picture on where to spend my aa as I am earning it!

Last night I also set myself another little goal – and that is to tank Deep Forge.  Some people may or may not agree with me – but I am a little bit nervous about trying that zone.   I honestly believe that zone deserves respect – the mobs hit hard and the group needs to be on its toes.   When I am healing, it is definitely a more difficult zone to heal compared to Najenas.  The guy with the hammer adds, and also the whole of the last room with the Firelord can not be taken for granted IMHO anyhow.  But I would like to give it a try- and hey what is the worst that can happen – we die a few times in a virtual world and spend a bit of virtual gold to repair :p

On news outside of gaming – I am so excited that I must make mention.  Today I recieved an offer to go back to University to finish my degree.   It will be interesting trying to juggle part time study, full time work and a social life – but I am up for the challenge 😀

Until next time, happy hunting and crafting!