By the time I was settled and logged in last night, time was getting on.

My regular companions didnt seem to be in the mood for doing anything much … so it was an evening where we all pottered about a wee bitty on alts.

I started to look at Killy and Nanytyas bags.   They both need a good sort out, they both have a lot of stuff that I am holding on to for transmuting.  Nanytya is my muter and she is just passed 140 – so a hiddeously long way to go.   I decided that I would use one of my baby girls on my second account to farm low level treasured / leg / fabled.   I have a little SK at around level 12 that I decided would take this spot nicely.

I have effectively level locked her by putting 100% experience into aa.  One of the boys has managed to get his little level 14 toon with over 50aa *grins*  At the moment she is in Darklight woods doing the quests from the Wonderlust Fair.   I will take her to Timorous deep she can start some quests in Antonica and Commonlands too….  It will be a lot of fun.

I dont know about anyone else, but damn I find transmuting to be an incredibly demanding and resource hungry skill to level.   It feels like I have used maybe 30 or 40 treasured items for barely 3 skill ups!!  At the end though, is it REALLY that useful other than to potentially get something useful from the odd piece of raid lewt that may rot???

On one good side though, my baby toons will all have transmuter made adornments :p

This weekend will see me fairly busy with plans with the family … but that should NOT stop me from enjoying a little fun and games in Norrath !   Who knows I might even use the Chronomages and mentor down Nanytank to go farm in RoV or Stormhold for her own Transmutables 😀 

Although it would be fun to have the chance to tank a couple of zones too. *ponders*

Hope everyone else enjoys their weekend in Norrath too.  Happy hunting and crafting.