GO Pax GO! Thursday, Nov 5 2009 

Sadly, I didnt get a chance to post yesterday – but what a completely EXCELLENT Tuesday night raiding we had.

We went to Miraguls Planar Shard hoping to get some more exquisite drops from the trash mobs and have another crack at those named.   And I am as proud as punch of what we achieved!

We put in a decent showing against the trash, and had some nice drops.  Then we set ourselves up for the named in the room to the left hand side as you come in the door (not the “Snow room”)  

Armed with some new intel, we hammer pulled the named with Killys hammer.   The named broke at the door leaving us with only the trash to take care of.  Rinse and repeat until all that remained was the actual named.   We knew he had a nasty trauma AoE, and had the raid force joust it.   He beat us about a bit and our raid force was definitely a little bruised and bloody – but *cheers*  we got him down!   His chest had the BEAUTIFUL healer neck item.  Unfortunately Killy didnt win the roll for it … but I get a feeling we will be coming back here again in the not to distant future.

Then on to the room that I refer to as the “Snow room”.  To take on tuskers and his mean nasty handler :p    We followed the same line of thinking to aggro the named, he breaks in the room and so we took care of the adds out in the corridor.

Then it was time to face the mamoth and his ghostly master.   We decided to have the MT group take care of the ghost, while we set up an MA group with two tanks to deal with Tuskers mem wipe.   First couple of pulls didnt go so well – but that was OK as we got used to the tanks controlling the mem wipe.   We also took a couple of pulls to get an idea of good placement for our raid force.

And then if memory serves it was our third or maybe fourth pull – we hit our rhythm.   A couple of times Tuskers ran amok and was smacking on my favourite dark elf as well as the ghost, but we managed to keep him up for the most part :p   Now I was tired and am terrible at taking in details first time in a new place, so my recollections of what was happening are hazy and sketchy at best :p

I think what we did was “easy mode” when the ghost got to 25% Arisha clicked something and then we were able to damage the Mammoth.   While the raid force were taking the mammoth down, unfortunately the ghost was healing up a little … but no never mind.   It is what happened next which was dissapointing.   We managed to get the Mammoth down to 25% too … but something happened and Tuskers re-aggrod and killed us all.   We think that it may have been someones Autoattack ????

So – while we can say that in theory we defeated the encounter, we didnt get aa for it nor a pretty exquisite chest 😦 

By this time it was too late for us to keep going.   So we wished my favourite coercer a happy birthday as raid broke up and people logged off.

While it was dissapointing not to have gotten a chest from the second named encounter, Pax Fatalis still holds it head high.   We were in a new zone, and in theory got down two new named encounters, and had a bunch of laughs while doing that – stunning effort.   Not to mention we got some pretty lewt pieces for our raid force.  

What was even more gratifying to me was that there was a lot of fairplay when it came to distribution of lewt.   I saw people passing up on some very shiny pieces so that they could go to guildmates that would benefit more.  I saw people thinking twice about rolling on pieces that were more suited to other classes.  Very very gratifying indeed, and makes me proud to wear the tag of Pax Fatalis.

We always seem to have a nice quiet night on Wednesday nights, and last night was no different 🙂  I spent last night tradeskilling pieces for both guildmates and other friends from within Norrath.    I think I made  4 or 5 sets of armour, plus some weapons and jewelery and shard gear.   While I was keen to take the pally for a wee run, it is awesome to see that my crafter girls are being called apon to use their tradeskills.   I see no point in leveling all those tradeskill girls if they are not going to get used!  

As I was preparing to log out, someone yelled that the headless horseman was running about, so we quickly assembled in Nek and took care of him with little trouble.   By the time we had pottered about doin that,  and I had spent time chatting to people, it was time to bid gnite to Norrath

We have a x2 raid on the schedule tonight.  Not sure if I will go – would really like to run the pally around some more if we have enough folks to get a group together.

Hope everyone is enjoying their time in Norrath too … Happy hunting and crafting.


Monday night is raid night Tuesday, Nov 3 2009 

Last night was one of our regular raid nights and we headed to TotMC and PotAO to have a crack at the first few named in each zone and get ourselves some pretty lewtz.

We actually decided to have another go at Thet this week rather than switchmaster, and it was quite gratifying I think.

We got ourselves two T4 pieces for the evening if I remember correctly – nothing that my girl could roll on but good to pimp up our raidforce.

When we actually got to Thet, we tried something a little different.   We split the healers from groups 2, 3 and 4 to cover the spawn points for each of the adds.   The thinking here was to keep the people with the curse alive til they kill the adds.  

I basically think our problem was that we were not achieving high enough dps to kill the adds as quickly as we needed to.   Last night was our best show yet, and I think that now it is just a matter of time before we get her down.

We also had an absolutely HIDDEOUS run with bad luck of who was picked to be cursed.  At one point we had both the MT and Killy cursed 😦   Killy got cursed at least one time each pull.   We had decided that since we did not have the luxury of an excess of healers, Killy needed to cure herself of the curse and stay with the MT.

Our only problem we had was that there was insufficient communication from the people who were cursed and which add they were going to take care of.  This meant that sometimes two people were on one add and there was an add with no one taking care of it.

I was chatting with my favourite coercer , and he thought it would be too hard to concentrate on casting and directing the people with the curse as to where to go.  I am thinking I would like to try it next week to see if it helps us.   Killy really is only a secondary healer since our shaman is so well geared.  This fight is WELL within our healing capability so I dont think it would be any threat to the survivability of the MT to try it.   I am sure I will get a chance to talk quietly with him about it before next weeks raid.

Tonight sees us heading to Miraguls.  I dont see us killing any named, but wow the trash mobs still drop some pretty stuff in there 🙂  No matter what I am sure we will  have a bit of fun killing some bad guys and having a giggle.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!


Another weekend filled with fun and games. Monday, Nov 2 2009 

Although the weekend was filled with lots of fun out of game, I still had quite a bit of fun in game.

Friday night saw us head to WoE.  We cleared the zone and got lots of pretty patterns for various folks in the guild.   The gloves and helmet dropped.  I didnt roll on those for my girl since she has the Rune Etched Helm and Ethereal Mist Gauntlets.  However, the breastplate DID drop and I managed to win that for Killy.  

We got all the way to Aiden in smart time and had a few really good cracks at him.  It really is now only a matter of time before we get him down.  My favourite dark elf was not tanking, nor was my favourite coercer on his chanter.   Fortunately for Killy he was on his Mystic rather than the coercer, and we made a fabulous healing team.

Saturday night started out quiet – but soon some guildies logged in and were looking for some fun.   One of these guildmates was a fellow Templar and so close to dinging 80 we had to help her out!.   We decided to do Vaults of Eternal Sleep and Maidens Chamber – the aa from the named and completing Anaphylaxis and the Unglued Alchemists Amulet would hopefully do it.  We were also hoping for a chance at Gift to the Queen dropping for her.

Well I have to say it was a hiddeous displayof tanking from me lol … but no one got too upset (/hugz thanks boys! :p)  We wiped probably half a dozen times on Sandstorm … but it was all fun and games and we got it done in the end.   After we finished Sanstorm I was panicking thinking OMG how am I going to go on the sisters and Drusella – but they were not as scary as I had thought.   Just those adds kept trashing us on Sandstorm.

Well the healer ring / wrist didnt drop. but we popped outside, got our guildies their anaphylaxis rewards and unglued alchemist amulet – and DING!!!  a new 80 Templar *cheers*

During the weekend I also used the chronomages and mentored my Pally down to 35 and took her to RoV to farm for her own treasured items for transmuting.   All I can say is superawesomehotsaucecoolfun!.  35 was a PERFECT level as all of the named are still con green or blue – Varsoon himself is con white and I had fun taking care of him, although the lamia that spawns just before him still hits like a freight train and I actually had to heal myself :p

We were also lucky enough as a guild to take down the Headless Horseman once on Saturday night and once on Sunday night.   We had some very nice things drop – including a beautiful fabled 4 heal crit cloak for my girl.   Two other healer (alts) from the guild were incredibly kind to pass on the cloak so my girl could have it!    Bless them 🙂

Tonight we head to try the first named in PotAO and TotMC.  Cross fingers for some nice pretties to drop eh!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend in Norrath too.  Happy hunting and crafting 🙂