Although the weekend was filled with lots of fun out of game, I still had quite a bit of fun in game.

Friday night saw us head to WoE.  We cleared the zone and got lots of pretty patterns for various folks in the guild.   The gloves and helmet dropped.  I didnt roll on those for my girl since she has the Rune Etched Helm and Ethereal Mist Gauntlets.  However, the breastplate DID drop and I managed to win that for Killy.  

We got all the way to Aiden in smart time and had a few really good cracks at him.  It really is now only a matter of time before we get him down.  My favourite dark elf was not tanking, nor was my favourite coercer on his chanter.   Fortunately for Killy he was on his Mystic rather than the coercer, and we made a fabulous healing team.

Saturday night started out quiet – but soon some guildies logged in and were looking for some fun.   One of these guildmates was a fellow Templar and so close to dinging 80 we had to help her out!.   We decided to do Vaults of Eternal Sleep and Maidens Chamber – the aa from the named and completing Anaphylaxis and the Unglued Alchemists Amulet would hopefully do it.  We were also hoping for a chance at Gift to the Queen dropping for her.

Well I have to say it was a hiddeous displayof tanking from me lol … but no one got too upset (/hugz thanks boys! :p)  We wiped probably half a dozen times on Sandstorm … but it was all fun and games and we got it done in the end.   After we finished Sanstorm I was panicking thinking OMG how am I going to go on the sisters and Drusella – but they were not as scary as I had thought.   Just those adds kept trashing us on Sandstorm.

Well the healer ring / wrist didnt drop. but we popped outside, got our guildies their anaphylaxis rewards and unglued alchemist amulet – and DING!!!  a new 80 Templar *cheers*

During the weekend I also used the chronomages and mentored my Pally down to 35 and took her to RoV to farm for her own treasured items for transmuting.   All I can say is superawesomehotsaucecoolfun!.  35 was a PERFECT level as all of the named are still con green or blue – Varsoon himself is con white and I had fun taking care of him, although the lamia that spawns just before him still hits like a freight train and I actually had to heal myself :p

We were also lucky enough as a guild to take down the Headless Horseman once on Saturday night and once on Sunday night.   We had some very nice things drop – including a beautiful fabled 4 heal crit cloak for my girl.   Two other healer (alts) from the guild were incredibly kind to pass on the cloak so my girl could have it!    Bless them 🙂

Tonight we head to try the first named in PotAO and TotMC.  Cross fingers for some nice pretties to drop eh!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend in Norrath too.  Happy hunting and crafting 🙂