This past weekend was a wonderful chance to kick back and relax with a glass of Champagne and my EQ 🙂

After taking care of the chores and what not – I tried to avoid the heat and relax in front of the fan.

I had been pottering about progressing the dirges Epic and was quite excited, because I am up to the last steps to get her fabled.   I need to kill some mobs in Chelsith and Maidens Chamber, and visit the top level of Poets Palace.

While I was chatting with various in game friends on Saturday afternoon, I decided to make myself a character to relax and chill out with on my second account.   Something that when it is levelled could kill stuff for Killy.    I tried various dps classes, but none of them really captured my imagination.

I then thought about leveling another tank to team up with my Templar girl.   I was thinking about a warrior, but just could not seem to “click” with a zerker.    I rolled a bruiser – but just couldnt get into her either *sigh*.    I know I have a Paladin at max level already – but thought meh – why the heck not consider another crusader.

I had rolled an SK some time ago, and she remain parked on about level 12 or 13.    The lady Yyavdra – an elegant Dark Elf from Neriak was resurrected.    

Perhaps it is familiarity with the Crusader, but <3.    I had an absolutely fun fun time scooting around Darklight Woods and Gorowyn.    I logged her off last night at level 19SK with 25aa.     Already this little one has done a little over 100 quests and counting.   I have rediscovered my passion for questing, and she does indeed look the part in her shiny armours.

I adore the fact that it is so easy to move the slider between Combat and aa XP – Sometimes I have had her Combat XP up full, sometimes full aa, and somtimes 50/50.   I have used it to slow her levelling down when she was getting close to out leveling her quests.

At level 19, I have put her xp fully into aa for a bit – and I am heading out into the Commonlands & Antonica, and  *giggles* I wonder how many aa I can get her to before she heads into Butcherblock, Thundering steppes and Nek Forest.   Just nice to have a girl to potter around on.

So expansion time is here – servers will be down tonight for my normal play time.    Thank goodness for MarioKart Wii tonight :p   but I am really getting excited about what the expansion might bring.

A personal view – and I wonder if anyone else feels the same – but I would really like to see this expansion give us a good place to start out on good aligned characters.   I think Darklight Woods and Gorowyn are fantastic places to start.  There is atmosphere, and oodles of quests.  the zones are easy to navigate around (well except inside Gorowyn itself hehe).

When I was trying out the zerker – i really didnt like the quest lines in Greater Faydark so much.   Greater Fay is aesthetically beautiful, but sometimes feels like a pain in the ass to find your way around.    Maybe it might be worth recreating the zerker and making her in Gorowyn????  *giggles* a little Ratongan Bezerker.

Killy is, and always will be my main.  But one thing I just adore about this game is that there are SOOOO many options for approaching the content differently and there is so much to see and do.    Do I spread myself to thin?  Perhaps – but that is the beauty – that this game can be enjoyed on so many different levels, and satisfy many different playstyles.

Happy hunting and crafting to all 🙂