With the massive number of games on the market today – not a ridiculous question really. I have tried and enjoyed a number of different games, single player and multiplayer.   I have tried and enjoyed consoles.  And yet I keep returning to EQ2 time and time again.

Like many, I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to more than one game.  So why is EQ2 my game of choice? I think there are a number of reasons.

Game content: there is enough depth and variety of content to keep me amused.  Between solo and small group adventuring, raiding, crafting, and player housing. The additional content that has been added over time, and the marked differences in player classes, means that leveling alts is different each time.

Familiarity; While variety is great, i guess it is just natural to revert to a familiar interface, familiar character abilities, and a familiar setting sometimes.  Like everyone, my relax time is precious, and I want to spend it having fun.

The Community: I have said it time and time again, but my guildmates really make the game for me.  To hang out with the gang, smash through a dungeon, work on the strategy for defeating a new raid mob, or just having a giggle while we run about doing our own thing – is a wonderful thing. I have been playing EQ2 on and for about 6 or 7 years, with a few long breaks of a year or more, and it was so wonderful to be welcomed back so warmly when I returned a few months ago.  The thought of struggling to find a comparable group of  like minded players in a new game, fills me with dread.

All that said, I think EQ2 has problems.  Expensive expansions with little substantive content in the past, and long times between new content to challenge players has seen a diminishing player base.  Bugs with servers and voice chat are a source of frustration to players, and poor customer service responses at times from SOE don’t help with these frustrations.

Every player looks for different things from their leisure time, and EQ2 continues to deliver what I am looking for.   And that is why I am still playing.