I suppose it goes without saying that MMO characters  function very differently in raids, small groups, and solo.  I suppose it would also go without saying that the sign of a good player is being able to get the best out your character in each of those different situations.

I have been playing my Killy girl for many a year, and like to think i know how a templars abilities work.  But the question I am wondering about is this…. How much of an innate difference between the different classes of healers is there?  Does that mean that some classes of healers can not successfully heal particular encounters?

One night last week, my beloved Pax raided Underdepths x 4.  We have been a little short of healers lately, so I was solo healing the MT group.  We did pretty well, getting through the first four or five named, and my little girl topped out at around 20k heals/sec.  I know that top raid healers would leave Kil in their smoke….but I was pretty happy with that.

Shortly after, a group of us headed to Dracur Prime for a quick run.  The zone went uneventfully until the last named Tigloth.  Try as I might, I just could not keep the group alive.  While I am certainly not a hard core raider, my girl is geared up reasonably well.   We tried to kill this guy a little over half a dozen times, I tried a number of different strategies, I positioned myself in a couple of different places, but we just could not get him down.  By this time it was late and we called it a night.

This fight is obviously a very busy one for a healer, where detrimentals must be cured as quickly as possible.  I’m definitely not a player with the fastest of reactions, but like to think I am reasonably responsive and know how and when to use certain abilities.

I have quite happily healed through all the other zones in Skyshrine, and historically have happily healed through other expansions, so is it merely the case that I am better suited to healing raids ? Or is it perhaps a limitation on the Templar class that keeps me struggling with this particular encounter?