Bring it on! Thursday, Mar 18 2010 

At the start of the year I set myself a goal of writting more regularly and often on my blog.    Unfortunately, outside events have been consipring against me and I have been having trouble enough with getting regular EQ2 time so it feels.

We recently had a restructure / reorganisation announced at work, and so I have applied for a promotion.  At the same time, the reorganisation has also got me thinking about my future and contemplating some massive changes – changes in career, moving interstate perhaps, and changes to relationships with family and friends.   Incredibly exciting times – but busy and it will be nice as things start to crystallise and settle down over the next few months!!

All that said, I have still been managing to have some time in game,   As always I have been having a blast with my guildies checking out some of the instances and catching some pretty lewtz.   One if the things we did quite early on, was to scale up some of the TSO shard zones to level 90 and run them.   

This is the fourth expansion that I have experienced since I have been playing.    One thing I appreciate is that developers are never going to be able to be all things to all people – different players will have different expectations.    However, I have personally enjoyed this expansion MUCH more than I have enjoyd the previous two expansions.

I remember when both RoK and TSO came out, as a Templar with typically low dps (I am a healer after all!) I found questing to be just about as enjoyable as Root Canal without pain relief.  So much so, that it is only now that I have almost finished working the quest lines in the Moors of Ykesha.  

While I have heard some people comment that they think this expansion is too easy – I respectfully disagree.  I applaud the fact that instances are more forgiving.  I really like the fact that it does not take a perfectly constructed group to complete a number of instances.   Since expansion I have not seen ” group looking for bard and/or chanter – must have myth” or similar. 

Others may disagree and I dont mind if they do – but I like the fact that players have a greater ability to play their preferred character rather than playing another class because it is easier to get a group.  I like that we are seeing Necros back on the dps parse for example.  To my thinking, the changes in this expansion can only be good for the community as a whole when feels like it is easier for all classes to find a place in a group. 

So, this expansion I have also really enjoyed returning to questing.  I have probably done a couple of hundred quests since expansion and have had a blast.   Wikia has been my friend as I have worked my way through them.   Some quests are running around – yes – but that is how you get to know the geography of the zones.  It is also how to maximise that lovely discovery aa.   Despite the somewhat restricted play schedule, I was very excited this last weekend to reach a few milestones.

Firstly, Killy has now completed over 1400 quests, which is chicken feed compared to some i grant you!

Second – I dinged 210 aa and am now almost 212aa.

Finally – and am I quite excited about this – but my girl is now 90 Templar.  I was quite pleased reaching level cap some three and a bit weeks after the expansion launched.  I never felt as though I was grinding, never felt the need to panick and rush – just enjoyed following quest lines with an occasional dungeon crawl or instance group in between.

My verdict so far – this is my favourite expansion yet.  I am really looking forward to the approx 150 quests I have left in Sentinels, plus the handful of level 80+ quests still left in Moors.   In two weeks time I have some vacation planned and am looking forward to having a little bit of extra play time even though I have plenty of school work to get done.  So bring it on! 😀

Hope everyone is having just as much fun!!!   Happy hunting and crafting 🙂


Fire in the hole!! Monday, Mar 1 2010 

Hehe I could not help but have at least one hole joke :p

Well I am continuing to really enjoy Sentinels Fate big time!!!

I have mentioned it before – but Killy had reached her 200aa even though I had barely touched the questlines in the moors.   at 84 and 85 these quests and mobs are still some blue but mostly green.  They are each giving maybe 3% xp and aa per quest – which is indeed very handy.   I am enjoying getting to know the zone that every one else knows so well – and at the same time I have little competition for the mobs I need.  

I find it very interesting that my views on Templar dps are changing a little bit too.   After having spent so much time playing the pally and dirge in recent times, I have been a little focused on optomising dps.   I have been able to adapt some of that thinking to how I approach playing my favourite girl – with some incredible changes noticed.  

I am the first to admit I am not the best player in the world – but I love my EQ.   I am not the best at “pimping” out my girl and have always struggled with the poor dps of the Templar.   However, I have found that in using some of the lessons learned, I have been able to almost double the dps that Killy put out.  I have not changed her gear – I have not upgraded her spells so it has acutally been surprising.    It is all about understanding how to play your character properly *blush*!!

It has been a lot of fun running through the Moors and completing some of those questlines. getting some of that valuable xp and aa.

In recent days my guildmates also invited me to come join them on an xp group through the hole.   The mobs were mostly orange – and we had a lot of giggles as we cut a bloody swathe through the mobs.   My girl got herself about half a level, and not a whole lot of aa – but it was a real hoot.

So after yet another amazingly fun weekend in game, Kilanna finds herself 87 Templar with 209aa.  I am also well on the way toward my next Adventure and aa level which is kewl, and will be starting on quests in the bottom of the moors tonight.  Killy is also well on her way to her second Jeweler level *cheers*

Sometimes I feel as though I am getting left behind – I look and see that there are so many people who have already been 90 for a week – and some are even on their second or third toon to get to 90.   But I guess that everyone has competing demands on their time and different priorities as to what they want to achieve in game.   Also, I see no point in rushing to do everything in the first two weeks of the expansion and have nothing to do for the next 11 months hehe.

Having said that – I would like to be at 90 before we start raiding again in just over a weeks time.  I am hoping that wont be too much of a stretch!!   I already have a bunch of pretty stuff to grow into when I hit level 90 too!!

As always – hope everyone is having as much fun in Norrath as I am!!  Happy hunting and crafting gamers:)

My first views on Paniel Monday, Feb 22 2010 

Well I guess the enire EQ2 community is all in a buzz

Sentinels Fate is finally live and this weekend was a fantastic opportunity to really immerse myself in the new zones and get a feel for the new lands

I didnt acutally play EQ1 so really I have nothing to compare it to.   As far as the execution of launch – I would have to say my impression was that logistically speaking it was flawless.   I logged in first thing in the morning when I woke up – there was a 15 minute patch or so – and without further incident I was logged into game.

Now I am far from an elite player – I pottter about.   But I exprienced very little lag or annoying glitches in the zones.   My overall impression for execution was highly positive.

Turning now to the content – I have also been highly impressed with what I have seen.   The quests have not been highly imaginative – but I have connected enough with it to enjoy it.   The quests are not giving fantastic xp but there is certainly a bunch of quests to be done.   it feels like I am going to run out of quests before I hit 90 though.

On the other hand – Killy is yet to complete more than about 20 quests in the Moors.  An expansion behind I grant you – but plenty of xp and aa to be had right there.   *cheers*

I am impressed with the difficulty standard of the expansion content too – and by that I mean that it is easily able to be completed solo by a healer class – albeit at a slower pace.   I had a lot of fun duo with one of our guilds friendly mages *waves to Oli*    

I even tried out a couple of instances and absolutely had a hoot!!   Back in TSO, there seemed to be a massive focus on ideal group set up in order to succeed at instance zones.   Whether you completed zones or not highly depended apon the combination of classes and their gear.    My first impression of the couple of instances that we did in Vasty Deep seemed to indicate a changed focus in this expansion.  To me, it would appear that you would not necessarily require a perfectly balanced set of classes including bard and enchanter just to complete a zone.   I applaud that direction.

As I logged off last night, Killy girl was 84 Templar, almost 81 Jeweler with 204aa.   I know that there are people who are STREAKS ahead of that.  I think it is great that this game can appeal to so many different play styles – but I am quite happy to potter along and enjoy the zones with the little dorf :p

And yes – you are not mistaken – I did heal instances in Vasty Deep at 83 – trust me Labs was NOT pretty after we got down to the library and I was trying to heal damage from mobs 10 levels higher than me and was unable to cure any detrimentals!!   We absolutely did die – but OMG it was a bunch of fun – thanks to my Pax guildies for the giggles.   Most of the stuff that dropped was scout and mage worthy – nothing really dropped that screamed healer.

Missing Danonia and Arisha still – hope they come back soon!!

Other than a fun weekend in Odus, work and starting back at school part time is keeping me out of mischief …..

Happy hunting and crafting to all in Norrath 🙂

And then there were three…. Friday, Feb 12 2010 

I am far from an uber player – I am not one who has to pimp out my girls with all the very bestest of gear.

Many months ago now I rolled the cutest little Iksar dirge – and fell in love with the class.   She has mostly solo’d her way through the levels – with a little help from her “cousin” Nanytank occasionally.   Last week she was sitting at level 77 and a bit .. and I thought I should make the push to have her to 80 prior to expansion.   I enjoy questing, so it was not difficult for me to check out the quest journal and start things ticking over again for her.

Firstly there were some quests in Kunzar jungle to complete.   I have become so used to the resiliance of plate wearers (both Killy and Nanytank), that I was finding the dirge a little squishy.   Very quickly Nanytank came to the rescue, and quests were being completed in short order.

Almost level 79 and it was time to continue to work the faction quests in Jarsath working towards the port hammer.  Nanytya and Katyya were then joined by a guildmate who was also questing in JW.  Both my girls and also our guildmate Assassin were just starting the repeatables from the Dwarf just outside the shipyards – Killy always thought he was rather handsome!

It was absolutely incredible to see.   We were just three … but we absolutely ripped through those poor mobs between Danak and the Howling Stones.  We basically followed the road killing what we affectionately called Chickens, Tigers and Rhinos as we made our way to the scorpions.   Each set of these quests was giving sensational AA and GP for all three of our adventurers.  And in absolutely no time at all *DING* Katyya dinged 80 Dirge *cheers*

So now I have three girls at level 80.

The next order of the day was to start looking at Katyyas Epic.    I can never say it often enough, but I love my guildies.     I was talking to our guild leader about the dirge epic – his main is a dirge.    In five minutes there was a group of Pax running my girl down into Sebilis for her Epic starter.   One of our other guildmates had an absolutely terrible time camping mobs to get the starter to drop – but it took my girl less than half an hour before it dropped for her luckily.  

So between raiding this week and some work commitments, I have managed to advance the dirge through a significant part of her epic.   Speaking to various people, and killing various mobs to get pieces for her flute.   And now she needs to kill a bunch of bad guys in Chelsith and Maidens Chamber along with a few other lesser (solo) bits and pieces.  At that time, Lamentation of the Intrepid will be hers 🙂   I am sure she can get that done this weekend – so she will have her Fabled Epic just in time for expansion.  

She took the run to Leviathan when she was just 78 – so she has VP access already:)  The mobs she will need for her Mythical are then Pawbuster, Mayong Mistmoore and Xygoz.  Xygoz is soooo my favourite encounter in VP hehe.

Expansion is just a week away now – and I really am excited about it.   NDA is lifted and all the things I am hearing are capturing my interest.  It is going to be so great to see new places and new quests.  From what I hear there is a really good mix of Solo content and group content.

Time this weekend then to clear out Killys bank & backpacks, and make room in her quest journal to prepare.   In guild we are prioritising who is leveling which crafters – My first to be leveled will be my Killy girl of course.   There has been so much crafter content added in this last expansion that all of my girls are yet to do – so leveling them will not be a massive grind at all.

There really is so much variety in this game – there is enough to satisfy so many playstyles.  There is content to push the high end raider types – and the chronomages now mean that someone who plays mostly solo will still get to experience content and quests as they were intended (ie not grey)   It caters for the questers, the grinders, the crafters, casual players or dedicated hard core players.   This is why it always pulls me back in.   Bravo SoE.

Another goal down!! Sunday, Jul 5 2009 

Well, when I posted on Friday, I had forgotten about the fact that we had bonus aa and tradeskill xp this weekend to celebrate 4th July in the USA.   Happy 4th of July to all my American friends by the way 🙂

As a nice start to the weekend, Friday night was a lovely relaxing evening hooked up with the boys.   We decided to hit up a couple of void shard instances including the DD.    I was absolutely thrilled and astounded when those three zones earned my girl more than a full aa level.   Bless bonus aa weekends!!

I had set myself a goal this weekend also, to finish leveling my 9th and final tradeskill girl to 80.    For about a year and a half I have been working toward that goal – obviously on and off.    Finally this weekend it happened.    My Woodworker girl is now 80, and so finally I can call myself pretty much a one stop crafter shop for the guild.

I say pretty much … for one good reason.   As I understand it, TSO faction tradeskill recipes are still not heirloom.   Given that my crafter girls are all between 10 and 20 in their respective adventure class, none of my girls will be able to make those items.   I will however start working on getting the girls their faction with Mara also.   I do enjoy my tradeskilling I must say.

Between quality time with the nephew and some fun girl time, I only managed to get back into Norrath to finish the weekend off ever so nicely.   I grabbed my baby dirge, and headed back to some old school tier 7 zones with the gang.   We checked out Obelisk of Blight, Crypt of Valdoon and Den of the Devourer.

It was an absolute blast.  My baby dirge dinged both an adventure level (now 68 Dirge) and 3more aa points 🙂   There wasnt any lewtz to note but it was a lot of fun, and now is the time where I really get to learn how to play a dirge in a group.    I have only really played this girl in a couple of mentored groups where mobs just die so quickly you dont really get to see what your character can do.

I have to remind myself that a dirge is NOT a dps machine, but is primarily about buffing the attributes and abilities of the rest of the group, and debuffing the mobs.  As long as the mobs are dying and we are not, then all is good.   I will no doubt ask lots of questions while I work out how to get the best out of this little girl.   She really is soooooo much fun.  While I absolutely adore my Killy girl, it is nice to have the option for another girl to play sometimes.

So back to work it is…

Happy hunting and crafting all.

What a spoilt baby dirgeling. Monday, Apr 27 2009 

Monday morning rolls around again *le sigh*.   Life is so chock a block full of stuff right now that I REALLY didnt want to wake when the Alarm went off this morning :p

Although I still can not yet report that I am an Aunt, it is close I reckon.  My sister in law managed a 5 hour shopping expedition on her due date and didnt miss a beat.  I am absolutely beside myself with excitement at meeting my little nephew for the first time.  I have already prepared his first toon for him *giggles*

Now all in all this weekend in game was full of lots of little bits and pieces and as always it was an absolute blast.  

There were a couple of instances through Everfrost on Killy, and I even went on a trip to Caverns of the Afflicted with some guildies too.   Nanytank came for a wee run through Anathema as an off tank and various guildmates requried the services of some of my crafter girls ….. but the weekend was mostly all about the baby dirge.

I continued some more questy goodness through Everfrost.  I absolutely adore the fact that I can actually kill heroic named mobs without needing the entire cavalry.   I love that I can work on and complete quests at a pace which does not numb the mind.

I love a few of the tricks that dirges have up their sleeves to make questing that much more enjoyable.  Firstly – there is stealth – I love how you can get to where you need to go with minimum fuss.   I love the fact that tracking takes the guesswork and randomness out of finding the mobs you need for quest updates.  Last but not least I absolutely adore Evac as the most marvellous “get out of jail free” card every 15 mins.

Last night saw Katyya hit a milestone.  She dinged level 52 dirge. *cheers*   That done, it was time to return to the guildhall, empty some space in her inventory, and spoil the lizard girl with some shiny new gear.   A full set of Cobalt Melodic Chain armour and mastercrafted jewelery should see her well happy for her next 10 levels.   Add a pair of sharp and pointy cobalt weapons, and how she is looking just the part too.

Something that is quite obvious to me after the weekend is this – I really enjoy being self sufficient.   I like that I was able to make all Katyyas gear with my own crafter girls.  I like that I can achieve good measurable progress with this girl on my own.   I have my Killy girl who does not miss an opportunity to wreak havoc with her friends and guildmates in groups and raids, but this girl is really a blast to potter around solo in the various lands of Norrath.

What is next for this little girl?  Firstly, I will need to take stock of Katyyas spells and make her some upgrades to Ad3’s.  Level 52 saw her gain one of the dirges class defining spells – Percussion of stone (the dirge stoneskin buff).   In just another few levels she will gain probably THE spell that defines the dirge class – Cacophany of Blades.

As far as her progression goes, it will be finishing the quests in Everfrost, heading to Sinking Sands / PoF, Lavastorm and Lesser Faydark.   I have my eyes on a few HQ’s to finish – notably the flowing black silk sash and “by hook or by..”    I just hope someone can DEFINITELY confirm that I will be able to keep earning all that beautiful aa before I hit 70 even if I can not spend it.

Tonight we have plans to kill Leviathan for Mythical updates and the last of our guildmates to be flagged for VP.   I am going to seriously miss the boys, but Arisha and Danonia will be MIA this week due to internet issues.  Tonight I anticipate we will be capably led by Pax’ fearless Troll Guardian.

So more news tomorrow, and hope everyone else had a lovely weekend both in and outside of Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting.

Peace and quiet. Thursday, Apr 23 2009 

I dont know what was up with me last night – perhaps I was just tired, perhaps it was a throw over from one of those days at work where everyone seemed to want something from me – but when I logged in last night the last thing I felt like doing was heading to Lavastorm.   I was craving some peace and quiet.

A good deal of the guild did head out to WoE, and I wished them luck and bid them goodnight.   A couple of the boys decided they would do some crafting since they were having internet issues 😦

At that point I switched to my little baby “secret” Brig.  Ligeia is her name and she is INTOLLERABLY cute.    Her name comes from Greek Mythology and means “clear voice”    These things are important to a girl you know :p  Although we were all doing our own thing, it was comforting to still be hooked up and chatting with the boys as we enjoyed our respective evenings.

Now I thaught I would be a complete and utter hack at playing a scout – but I have actually found it to be a whole lot of fun.    I thaught I would struggle a lot with the rear/flanking/from stealth attacks, but so far so good.     Quite handy knowing that cheap shot (2 or 3 second stun) does not break stealth.   Sneak up behind the mob, stun them and get off your big nasty smacks :p

So Ligeia is now a level 12 or 13 brig, with a couple of aa.   Again I am working my way through the quests in Darklight Woods.  There seems to be a good mix of “Kill x of y”  and “Deliver this to so and so” and “collect b number of c harvestables”

Again though, it strikes me just how quickly and easily you can level and miss out on so much content at low levels.   I have already switched off her combat xp and will soon head over to Timorous Deep for the loverly aa and quest rewards. 

I dont imagine I will ever get serious about this girl, but I think that a little play on her just for fun was just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!

Looking forward to the weekend Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

Last night was probably one of the quietest nights I have had in game in the last 12 months.   I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and headache.  I soldiered on, but steadily started feeling more sorry for myself as the day went on.   I headed home early and slept a little.  

When I logged in, various folks were already out and about.   I had scheduled a guild run to a heroic crafter instance, after a short while got a group together and we headed off to the shipyards.

Half an hour later we were all done – and I was not the only tired adventurer in the group so we all went our separate ways.   I tried to get a couple of quests in on Katyya but gave in to the need for sleep 🙂

I am very much looking forward to this weekend in game.   Thankfully some of the events which had me all in a cafuffle last week have passed and things have settled some.   The boys and I were talking last weekend and had thaught that it was a good idea to try one of the tough instances each weekend.   Whether we try tonight or at some other juncture – that will be fun.

I am wondering whether I might suggest that we also get some folks together and start to farm some vials for Leviathan.   Perhaps if we farm tonight …. by Monday the trash will have re-popped and we can get some more fish suits for the whole raid to farm and attempt at killing him. 

All depends on how Danonia and Arisha feel I guess, and whether or not there is enough interest in guild to do so.   I dont think there is any question that we could farm for some vials with just 2 or 3 groups if we have enough healers.  He hits hard – but judging from heal parses when I have been in this fight, I think we could keep Arisha up with 2 healers in MT group.  We have a guild event scheduled for 7.30 tonight – perhaps if there are enough people I will suggest that.

I really am getting excited.   In honesty I do believe that we will be in VP within the next couple of weeks.  Leviathan will fall at the hands of Pax.  Maybe the success we had with VS has gone to my head lol but I think the only thing that will stop us from slaying him this coming week will be if we can not farm enough vials.     A trip tonight to start would be like a trial run for a couple of our DPS who have never seen inside his belly before.  

Hopefully I am not getting ahead of myself, but I think we really can get our guildmates VP flagged.    If we do not decide to farm tonight, then I guess we farm this Monday and Tuesday, with an aim to killing him next week.  I have not had a chance to talk to Danonia to see what his thaughts are post the success of killing VS.     We also have some newer guild members that we will want to help progress their epics too as they have just hit 80 or are just about to hit 80.

So here is wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend in and out of Norrath.  Happy hunting and crafting all 🙂

2 boxing can be a sticky situation. Thursday, Mar 5 2009 

After a very fun and productive few nights raiding, last night I logged in just in time to pull together our group for the tradeskill instance that had been scheduled.    We had six folks, and we were soon headed to the shipyard instance.   About 45 mins later we had finished and headed out into adventure land.   Simple as that!

We decided that we would then head for a run through an easy zone real quick – and headed of to Anathema.   It was a very straitforward instance, and unbelievably the last named dropped an exquisite.  Congrats to Amai who got a Zerker master and a cloak for her girl if I recall correctly.   And congrats to Blackwolf who got himself a nice fabled scout ring for his ranger.

At that point, the group broke up, but it was still earlyish for me.  I logged in Nanytya and she mentored Katyya in Nek Castle for a wee bit.   We got a couple of the quests done in the lead up to The Missing Mask HQ, but I REALLY struggled with 2 boxing the girls through a dungeon.   I was controlling Nanytya and put Katyya on Autofollow – but she kept getting stuck.  

Now I am sure this is an issue of PEBCAK, but how do experienced 2 boxers deal with this?   There has to be an easy way.  I run both instances on the one PC and Alt-Tab between them which is easy enough.  How do folk stop the toon on AF from getting stuck all the time?

I have a cunning plan this weekend to finish both Haddens earring and Missing mask on Katyya, as well as her trip to DFC to finish Training is a shield and Operation Greenhood.  I am imagining she will net a tidy few aa 🙂  and a few levels to boot. 

This weekend has a lot of committments for me outside of game, so I shall just try and fit in play time when I can.   My brother and his partner are expecting their first child next month, so we are enjoying some special family time at the moment in anticipation of the new arrival 🙂  He will be the first Grandchild on both sides of the family, and everyone is just as thrilled and excited as can be!! Already I am planning on how to corrupt the little man, what his first toon  in EQ will be, and I am determined that his first word will be dorf and not Mum or Dad *giggles*

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend both within Norrath and outside.   Happy hunting and crafting!

You learn something new every day. Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

Last night saw the first of the guild activities I have arranged over the next month.   I had arranged to get a group together for a Tradeskill instance.  I logged in and got settled, and picked up the folk that had signed up.

I was not surprised that once again it was the usual suspects who joined me.  Blackwolf on his healer (Alchemist), Amai (Provisioner), Danonia on his healer (Sage), Arisha (woodworker) and myself (jeweler).   We had a good mix of tradeskill classes. 

Each of us took the item specific for our class this left 4 items – and we split them up between us.   I have done a lot of tradeskilling, but chattering while we were crafting last night – Arisha was telling me how he uses his reaction arts, so I tried his technique.   I used a different combination of duribility and progression buttons to normal, and I really think it has made a difference.   I told you that he amazes me sometimes *giggles* – but you learn something new every day!

Took us a little over half an hour – and we were done and dusted.  We each had a token, and it was a VERY pretty exquisite chest.   There was Book IV – the Tier 2 Shard armour.  and *cheers* Killy won the roll so she now has all the books.  There was also a sage item and the rolling pin – which I declined on after winning the book.

After the TS instance, we picked up guild leader on his dirge and headed into Deep Forge for the daily double.  The zone went reasonably well except for me having a couple of blonde moments… and it all went smoothly until we hit the last named.  First time we pulled him was very messy …  Amai got ported into the lava and we were helping her find her way out … we got distracted and the AoE hurt us pretty bad.  Second pull went like clockwork though, and we all had 4 shards.

That four shards was enough for Killy to make Amai her 5th piece of shard armour, so her Zerker girl is certainly getting there!

Tonight I had planned to run adventure groups for the guild – but at late notice I have a work function tonight.   Fortunately one of the other guild officers is going to take care of it for me this time.

So what will the weekend hold?   I guess a little more on the baby bard, and I REALLY want to hit one of the TSO zones I have not done with the boys yet – perhaps one of the Guk zones.  I seem to have lost momentum on my last couple of crafter girls too – so maybe getting back into leveling them a little.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend

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