It is hard to believe that it has been more than two years since i last wrote on my blog.  Much excitement in real life has seriously interfered in my gaming time, and since this is the focus of my blog,  there has been a serious lack of things to write about.

After an extended hiatus of around 18 months, I recently re-activated my account and have rejoined my beloved Pax Fatalis guildmates in the world of Norrath.  In recent days I have also been feeling the urge to start writing about my adventures again.

Sadly, many guildies have drifted off to other games, or have been taken by the demands of real life.  Talking to players from different guilds and different servers, this is not a phenomenon unique to our little guild.

I have my own theories as to why this is happening.  A combination of expensive, poor quality expansions, and a long time between new content may have contributed; along with the plethora of new games entering the market.  I hope that new content to be added in the future will draw players back.

Since my return to EQ2 I have been having a fantastic time in game.  My much loved Templar Kilanna remains my main character for grouping and raiding.  Thanks to a double xp weekend, she quickly hit maximum aa, and then level 92 with the release of Skyshrine.  I have also been having a bunch of fun with my little Pallytank.  I have tanked groups for guildies, pick up groups, and even off-tanked in raids.

I have been disappointed to see how quiet the servers have become. In days gone by we would never have had issues filling a group, and now we really struggle.  Is a server merge the answer?

In coming days I hope to become re-aquatinted with the intricacies of blogging, and begin recounting my adventures in Norrath.  Sad that I have even forgotten how to do basic things like track backs, and how to link up to twitter!!!