Once again, events of real life have kind of kept my posting a bit slow this last week – but that has not stopped me from having some fun and games in game.

Although i realise it is not a huge acheivement now that the core raid group is around 73-74, we have had a hugely satisfying week with clearing a few raid zones for the very first time.

Sunday night saw us clear Lyceum.  I could barely contain my excitement whent Gnorbl died and I danced on his smooshed up body in revenge for the ass whoopins he has given us lol.  And as a special momento, Raid leader gave me the looted eye from his body lol.

So Tuesday saw us then raiding Deathtoll and yay yay the big T went down the second time we pulled him resulting in ….


A pretty impressive number of aa dings I thought, including my little girlie 🙂

Come Wednesday we were supposed to raid FTH, but unfortunately we were a bit short on numbers.  Thus it was decided we would do labs for Claymore (yay for Killy) and loot for some other folks.

We had barely more than 2 groups and cleared the zone without bother really in not more than an hour.  So Killy gets ever closer to finishing her Claymore woot.

In between, Jeweler levels have flowed and Kil has scribed her lvl 79 books so can make everything now.  I am in no rush to grind to 80 Jeweler – it will come.  Main thing is she can make everything now and look after the scout boys Adept III’s.  MT Swashy dinged 79 the same day so *giggles* not a moment too soon.

Anyhows, Kil now has to pull her finger out and get some more adventure levels.  She is currently sitting on 74 Templar with plenty of Vitality so she should get to it.

As always, Happy hunting all 🙂